Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cafe Coffee Day: A close Encounter

Most Indian couples start their relationship with a cup of coffee. Initially to ease off an emergency situation; they prefer a coffee shop nearest to the girl’s house; and these couples find CCD as the most suitable outlet wrt their requirements (I think no of girls in a vicinity determines the no of CCD outlets. Mathematically it can be expressed as number of CCD outlets is equally proportional to number of gals living nearby.). That is why Cafe Coffee Day chain, the most popular coffee chain in India, can boast about maximum couples turning up to its outlets to enjoy their constructive / destructive (Depends on individual’s outlook) and peaceful time. 

The above stated reason understates the number of visitors at CCD. Apart from couples there are lot many people (Atheists only, rest go to temples and sing some Bollywood songs to persuade the deity) who come to CCD with their desires. As CCD chain has a bit catchy slogan "Anything can happen over a cup of coffee"; so it provides hopes for people searching for their counterparts. Lot of couples can be seen sipping their coffees in their own dreamy world, lot of couples can be seen entering or leaving the coffee parlour. So it is not hard to expect a miracle.

I always hoped, Someday CCD with live up to its slogan and image. Whenever I visit the parlour, I wished to bump into any girl from my past or future but luck never favoured me. One such day things took a U turn. I entered the CCD and inspected the people sitting around. Though things were not different from any other day@CCD but all of a sudden my scanning stopped at one table and my mind started finding the reason for her isolation. My mind started questioning "Why is she sitting alone? Is there someone who has gone to place the order?" But as I did not want to lose the empty table just next to her, so instead of risking the important time in analyzing the situation in broader manner, I reserved the table next to her.

I was checking her out and suddenly she peeked at me. As soon as she looked at me, one of my eye-lid blinked, due to one mosquito who sacrificed his life to make my life easier, in other words I winked. She stared at me, as if she was looking for an explanation. Wow, it was my chance, but I did not have enough courage to ask her if she wanted to join me. Dude, just in few seconds she joined me. I did not know why? I thought she was either desperate or bold to sit next to me. (Anyway Dil ki ichcha poori ho gayi)

During our conversation, I came to know her name was Kamini, what a lovely name, is not it? Her skin was pink and she was wearing yellow t-shirt with few silver lines which caused her skin glow more and a decent short (short enough to cover half of her thigh) skirt. She had put light red lipstick (I think it was light) on her lips and her face colour was fairer than skin colour due to a thin layer of powder on her face. Her eyes were dark black due to excess of Kajal and she had put a nice and huge nose ring. To describe her acutely, her looks were better than real Rakhi Sawant and worse than Karina Kapoor in Chameli.

Aroma@CCD was little different now, all boys were staring me and her interchangeably. Shit, men cannot change. These Guys, All of them were sitting with chicks but they had to check out my gal. But in contrast all the gals were also staring at me. Guess what, whenever I hang out with a girl then lot of chicks check me out. Why cannot they find me muscular when I walk alone?

Btw, I was not much cautious about Aam Aadmi and I was enjoying my first real encounter @ CCD . She was not notably good in speaking English, so to save her from embarrassment, I started talking in Hindi (Baaap re, bach gaye nahi to apni to ijjat hi chali jati). We covered lot of white areas e.g. movies, cricket, sport, and education, lot of black areas e.g. population, traffic, pollution, global warming and poor people and grey areas e.g. Indian politics, corruption, medicine, sex and prostitution. Usually discussion was healthy except in two instances. One, when we started the topic of sex, she became too touchy (Do not take it wrong, I just mean emotional) and another when I started protesting legalization of prostitution.

After finishing her coffee she announced the arrival of her boy friend. I was sad but I knew she must be waiting for someone. I asked her number and she denied. Anyway I waived a good bye and asked the waiter to bring the bill.

Waiter brought me the bill and I gave him the money. He returned with change and asked "How was the madam sir?” I told him to mind his business. He said "Arre sir kya sharma rahe ho bol bhi do? She will charge 2000 INR for one night." I was stunned and in the state of dilemma I whispered "Was she a whorrrre?" Waiter got angry and said “Sir Ijjat se bolo, call girl bolo”. I looked at all the people sitting around me, they were still staring at me and I was sweating in air conditioned mall. I asked the waiter, "Will she consider my CCD bill in her charges?" and instead of waiting for his answer I moved out of CCD briskly.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


  1. Really? A work of fiction?

    How much was the bill btw?

  2. Hahahaha!!! I don't know whether it is fiction or real, but I enjoyed reading it! :)

  3. @Psycho Yeah It is fiction... Btw In general my CCD bill is approximates 218Rs(2 cold Coffees worth 109 each) + 12.5% taxes.

    @Kaushik Thanks buddy.

  4. Why did she deny giving you her no?
    And of-course ijjatt se baat kiya kar...there are a few places,where prostitution is legal..and safe. :)

  5. Aur kuch nahi tho fiction hi start kardiya kya?? :) Anyway it made a good reading... light and funny!!!

  6. ha ha.. good one
    So u hvnt met any stranger yet @CCD.. bad luckk

  7. @Kunnu Based on movies and speculation(though I never tried one :)) call gals, like our politicians, do not deal directly to the client. Because it is inconvenient to manage the demand(Politics/Money). So call gals always need some bureaucrat to ease customer's temptation until the slot is empty.

    Btw thanks for the advice, I will make sure my protagonist(i.e. me) do not repeat such derogatory things further ;)

    @Divya I have stopped travelling, politics has gone way ahead of my understanding, in cricket India is losing and life has halted in a manner. So I had to change the genre.
    Btw it is great to be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    @Sonal Stranger, dude I have not even met the known people(It is called height of bad luck where height = Height of Eiffel Tower). In general I go with my roomies :(

    Btw thanks for appreciation ;)

  8. mast mast blog likhte ho bhai...mazza aa jata hai pad k...keep writing...

  9. Good piece :):).. I enjoyed reading and imagining you in this :)

  10. @Mohit Thanks Bhai, Sounds like my writing is not all waste.

    @Rashmi your comment is one among the greatest take away ;) for today

  11. Sir , dunno what the reason .. I kinda guessed the ending when you just wrote like she came to seat near to you :P :P

  12. @Sagar There can be 2 reasons behind this...
    A. You watch lot of movies.
    B. You have experiences the something similar... or more than this ;)

    Anyways thanks for stopping by ;)

  13. Vishal bhai you should write a novel.... and name would Be

    "KAMINI KI KAHANI"... :-)

  14. @Anno

    Thanks, I atleast got the name of first book ;)