Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hope this change will not change

For past few years we all had lost sense of any game other than cricket. We ate, slept, drank and even worked cricket. The whole nation was traumatized with cricket. But, due to some astonishing performances in recent past, we have been recovering from the state of trauma. Let it be either tennis diva mirja or speed master kathik or badminton ace Saina or snooker champion Advani or grand master Vishvanathan, we all talk about them. We all managed to sneak on their activity and get time to discuss about them. Media started showing what Indians are doing in those sports. So it feels refreshing to see media, people, and papers to talk, discuss, analyze, and argument about sports not cricket.

Currently we Indians are witnessing the Hockey world Cup. What a cup it had been for Indian hockey team. Though they were not able to carry forward the initiative taken in the first game against Pakistan, but they have given hopes to Indian hearts. I have seen people, at my work place, talking about S-A-I-N-D-E-E-P, talking about B-H-A-A-R-A-A-T and many other players, many other teams, many other techniques. Though they were neither experts nor players but there was heat in their words, there was passion in their arguments, it is same heat and the same passion which were always reserved for cricket. The way media and Celebes have promoted, people have cheered, we have watched the hockey it seems we have left behind the reservations of cricket and started giving place to other wonderful games in our heart.

It would not be surprising to see more Indians world champs soon in each and every sport. It is not deniable that support any other game with the spirit of cricket is impossible but adoring other games may lead to change of luck for us in other games also which is a very pleasant change for Indian sports.


  1. At-least people have started talking about other sports. But I am not very confident that this sorry state of affairs for other sports will be over very soon.

    According to my estimates, it would take a lifetime for all these things to change.

    Do we even know who is the captain of the Women's cricket team of India? Or do we follow them?

    It's the policy that is responsible for this. Somebody wins somewhere, and he is given a grand welcome, prizes, etc. But, after that, they do nothing to promote or help them. After some days, their victory and glory is forgotten. This has to change.

  2. Nahi there are things that are changing. See earlier mahesh/paes were the only people who were followed, but with the time other names emerged and even knowing that they cant beat world no 10, we watch their game, we curse them, we want see them winning each point. So stastics/dynamics are changing but it is hard to predict the speed of change. Hope our kids will watch snooker/soccer instead of cricket.

  3. yes..i know who is the captain of women's cricket team...

    Mithali Raj...and I also know..they defeated England in the ODI series but lost the T20 series..which conlcuded just now..

    Its all awareness...

    Be aware...and Not Beware!!
    Good work are improving..though slowly!!

  4. I wasn't talking about Kunal. Kunal's point is apt.

    Be aware. But how would people know about such things if TV and newspapers don't give them their due credit. You would agree that the level of promotion of womens' cricket is nowhere near what the men get.

  5. thats exactly what I said...
    if you are aware and interested, you will follow them, despite the negligence of ads and newspapers..

    and blive me..let India win the womens world cup...and then see the press coverage...

    Its all result oriented!!

  6. I m not totally agree with the above comments. To make something popular, it is necessary to make this thing visible to the public, make is visible to the buyer. if you will wait for people to come and buy your product, it is the flaw of your thinking. Market follows the only one rule, You show me the respect, i will show you the peak and same strategy hold true for sports as well.

    Some one has to pop out and create the buzz about poor sports.

  7. 'Poor Sports'???
    What makes them poor...your negligence or the newspapers negligence??

  8. " You can take a horse to water, but cant make it drink..".. but if you want to make it drink, then it should be good water! I think the same principle applies to the people as in audience too... u can pull them to stadiums and glue them in front of TV sets to watch the match.. but even the players have to put up a good show.. it can be tennis or hockey or any sports for that matter.. One cannot say that media is not giving enough importance to other sports.. actually to an extent, it is the responsibility of the players to play so well, that automatically they catch the attention of the media.. wassay??

  9. @divya, here our views differ a little. I find it difficult to learn snooker, because I never knew Snooker is a game, but learning cricket was similar to walking in streat. Do you think there is fault in game? Each and every society decides the career path for the individual similarly fate of sports.

    Talent pool can be created by promoting the game, by advertising the game. Lets promote few game, advertise few, invest money in few then we will get results but if we will wait for some miracle which will generate the brigade of marvelous players for unknown games then god only can save Indians..