Friday, December 9, 2011

Thank You Sir

As soon as I wake up on a working day; two questions pop into my mind. First is "When will maid arrive?" and another is "Will there be huge traffic at under pass?" Maid does not concern me much but traffic chaos@underpass is a big pain in ass.

Under pass, what is this under pass and why is it so crucial on weekdays?

As name suggests it is a way, under National Highway 24, which connects Indirapuram society Ghaziabad and Noida Sector 62. Day by day sky scrapping are inaugurating, no of flats are increasing, more people are moving, and prosperity in the area is booming. With each wealthy individual a four wheeler vehicle is adding to the huge list of already existing vehicles. So in the morning number of vehicles, traveling to Noida Sector 62, is huge and this number is increasing day by day.

The concerned Underpass is barely enough to provide comfortable pass for two vehicles at a time and the road is filled with digs. Bumpy and small road makes life troublesome for people. So this pass works as a nerve which dampens the blood flow and increases the chances of heart attack i.e. traffic Jam.

The complete problem is not the underpass, but the impatience of individuals living in the locality. In general, to cross the pass, people create a line which keeps things in order. But there are people (XXX i.e. lot of slang to them), who do not understand the moral responsibility and instead of following the unforced but moral rules, break self imposed regulations to initiate the problem. These stupid people do not even act stupidly but also they provoke people who were following the order and it becomes chaos within few minutes. Few individuals get advantage from their heinous act but rest other people have to face the consequences. Sometime it takes 25-30 minutes of time to cross 500 meters.

People need guidance, a law, a regulator or a helper to demonstrate them the right path. This pass found one volunteer. One guy, who neither belongs to any law enforcement department nor any social group nor travels from this underpass, regulates the stupid people from initiating the chaos, He slaps an auto Driver, he shouts at Rickshaw driver, he guides the four wheeler driver to the correct lane, and sometime he routes stupid folks to NH24. Police, standing there, enjoy the intelligence and determination of this volunteer but their intellectual lack the capabilities of managing the underpass in such an efficient manner. This guy, with whole lot of muscles, mustaches and body fit sleeveless T-Shirt, looks like an army man. Once people see him standing in front of pass they themselves understand the order.

He shouts and Suggests people to behave as a human instead cattle.
He has earned a respect, an admiration and a lot of thanks from each selfish individual. Everyday people hope to see him at underpass. If he is not there it means you lost 20 minutes of your time to solve the Underpass riddle.

I do not know his name, his designation. I do not know where he stays. I do not know what he does for earning. I do not know where he disappears on some specific days. I do not know why he is doing all this for society. But I appreciate his work every day while passing the underpass.

I never got guts to ask him his name, designation, place of living. I never got guts to step down from my auto and tell him we all are very thankful for his work, time and charity. I found this platform i.e. my blog(Read by least number of people on earth) much safer and less humiliating to acknowledge the work of an individual to whole Indirapuram locality. He must feel proud and twist his mustache looking into one's eye to tell his role in the lives of others.

Hats off to you sir. Once again thank you very much for managing the underpass and saving our asses from our bosses.

Update: Based on the comment posted, His name is Sanjeev Trehan. He's 52 and a catering firm owner. Thank you very much sir.


  1. This is a good post chidi.... :)

    But, I don't understand why you do not have the guts to go and talk to him...I mean, this is the least you could talk to him and say a genuine thanks...and may be..give a small bhashan to all the people follow the etiquette even when he is not around... :P

    Life is full of these examples...the small gestures of few people...who made us happy and feel good about being human.. :)

  2. @Kunnu Thank you kunnu. I think this post matches to your frequency a bit.

    Guts... I accept, I never had guts to do anything in public. I always stay away from anything which exposes me to the people. These are my innate evils and I had failed miserably in the process of confronting them.

    I hope someone will pick your advice and give a small Bhasan. ;)

  3. It's a complicated world out there. And I always wonder if one could understand it ever.

    Your post not only thanks the person, but also gives an example to others. At the very least, you yourself would probably remember this person.

    @Kunal: No one listens, unless you slap them or go on a hunger strike.

    Bhasan is an outdated concept I believe.

  4. @Bibek No intention to teach a lesson to people, everyone knows it. People are not sleeping, they are just ignoring. I accept no one listens bhasan now a days.

    @Sonal Thanks Mam

  5. His name is Sanjeev Trehan. He's 52 and a catering firm owner :) and yes he's doing a great job manning the traffic for good 2 hours daily :D

  6. ^^^ Hey thanks a lot for completing this post. I will update my post.

  7. i would like to thank you for your support and inspiration to work more for my society.

    keep in touch and share your thoughts with me .
    sanjeev trehan.

    facebook-sanjeev trehan

  8. Thanks for approaching me. I never thought that we would be able to converse on this social platform. But here we are.