Friday, December 30, 2011

Let me capture fleeting 2011

So here it is, December 31st 2011. I quit my job on November 4, 2010 and started the year 2011 started with lots of expectations, speculations and desires. Year 2011 started with the following expectations.

 1. I had expected to face at-least one thunderstorm in winters. In every newspaper an article was dedicated to report the number of causalities due to cold waves and the decrease in the temperature in Delhi. So due to adverse and rapid effects of Global warming, I had expected fiercer winters this year. 
 2. Another expectation of 2011 was to confront a dust storm in summers. As I had moved closer to the deserts (Mind it Rajasthan is not far from Delhi), so dust storm is a realistic expectation. Newspapers in Bangalore and scientific discoveries related to global warming used to indicate many dust storms in peak summers in NCR.
 3. This was a new company for me, so I had expected lot of new challenges for me. Okay, do not take me wrong but really I had expected at-least a couple of foreign trips. Work does not pose any challenge but cooking, washing clothes and utensils, sweeping and rest could have kept me at edge of the cliff in pardesh. 
 4. This year started with the agenda of completing and moving to the new house at my home town. 
 5. Finding a girl was another big task for people around me. Everyone contributed in this task. Whether they were my relatives or colleagues or friends or brother or my maid all of them contributed significantly to find a girl for me.
PS: I do not want to mention few other blunders.

2011 just fleeted, I did not even realize when a month passed, then another and finally 12 months just sped away and became the past. Though I did not achieve anything significant but I am 1 year older and wiser (Do not argue. Let’s assume it). I had wasted (optimistically -> Enjoyed) my evening in playing TT and badminton. I wasted (optimistically -> Invested ) lot of money in buying books to showcase my bookshelves to people but none of my friends even noticed this. I wasted (There is no optimistic synonym to it) my weekends in travelling to my native place for no good reasons. Amidst all this chaos year 2011 vanished. My achievements of this year can be counted on finger tips. Few important events are the following.
 1. I had visited 3 places in this complete year.
   a. Agra.
   b. Aurangabad and Ellora caves
   c. Ranila, Jain pilgrimage.
2. Our mansion is 90% completed, so my parents can move to our new house soon.
3. Most unexpectedly, I was appreciated first time in my career for my work ;).
4. I have read lot of novels so my count has increased significantly and along with that my reading and writing speed has increased a little in compared to last year.

Okay, that is all, I could not remember anything more. Shhhh disappointing, is not it? I should not be disappointed so much as number of achievements remains same every year. Every uncompleted task will be carried forward to next year and give heads up in the new year.
So I think following will be 2012’s expectations.
1. Weather Front
 a. I am still waiting for Thunderstorm to shiver my body.
 b. I think for dust storm I have to visit desert once otherwise I might have to wait little longer.
2. Shopping spree
 a. Mummy kept asking me to buy some gold, so she might persuade me this time… Shhhh…. Moms na…
 b. Someone might push me to buy a car.
 c. A House/Flat is in my list for sure.
3. Personal Front
 a. It might not feature in my aims but my Marriage is the aim for everyone related to me.
 b. Yeah my mansion will surely be over next year end. (Suri and Amit ghar poora ho hi jayega salon)
 c. I would like to visit at-least 5-6 places this year.
4. Professional Front
 a. At-least one foreign trip. Work pressure will remain same this year as well. So I do not need to worry about work.
Hmmm, I hope I will be able to do everything listed above and keep everyone happy in next year. I am really happy with the way this year has gone. I lived and enjoyed life a lot and I expect to enjoy the next year as well.

HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS, Hope this year will bring more smile on your faces and cheers in your life.


  1. And how can you forget the world cup win saale...though it was not a personal win...but who felt personal.... :D

    Good luck on the marriage front..I am really looking forward to it.. :D

  2. @kunna World cup win could not be counted as personal achievement for me as I did not contributed anything apart from supporting one sport and national flag...

    Do not worry, this year will break your long wait ;-)