Friday, December 30, 2011

It matters when wait is longer

Papa called me up and his tone of speaking was not as usual. For a long time he is been quite busy and stressed due to amount of work in recent past. Our house is under construction for past ten months and it is not completed yet so He remains busy to make sure none of the workers rests. His tension increases when he thinks none of his sons are married yet and, top of all this, one call from his SDM exaggerates his tensions. Rest other family commitments and tensions make his life more miserable. So his tone was not usual for me.

Most of the times, he calls me to consult or ask something. This time it was different, his voice was cheerful. He broke the news of his promotion after small chit chat. Yeah, my dad got promoted. He has been promoted to Girdhavar(One who manages Patwaris) from Patwari (Lekhpal) and he is a gazetted officer now.
Sahi Mein Bahut Khush hain Pa

I am really happy for him. I have seen him working on one post for past 25 years. First he worked in Irrigation department, and then he was moved to revenue department without any promotion which increased his burdens. In 25 years of his service, he got continuous increments but his work and burden kept increasing but government does not promote people so frequently so his promotion was out of question.

This promotion is quite important for him and for all of us. Papa will get some rest from his field work and he will have lesser things to worry. In my five years career, I have already got two promotions and I never felt proud of it but when I heard about Papa's promotion, a feeling of proud ran through my blood. I was as happy as him and I can breathe a little as I have to worry about him little lesser.

PS: My dad was little unhappy also, as instead of getting salary increment, his allowance will decrease and hence the salary as well.

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