Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Perfume - A story of murderer

Perfume, A story of murderer, started with a lean and weak guy whose hands and legs were cuffed. The guy seemed in ease but the uproar outside the prison demonstrated the weirdness of the story. People were screaming, shouting, stoning. They were having axes, weapons and wooden articles to kill the culprit. Soon the Prisoner was brought in balcony among a higher uproar and shouting of giving him the instant capital punishment but his punishment was read to people there and narrator travels in the past to tell us his past.

A child was born with extra-ordinary capabilities that could smell good or bad, stench or perfume. He could recognize any scent irrespective of the distance of the source. He could smell dust, water, rock, stone, frog, iron, rotten rat and human body. There was not any smell which was hidden from him. Every day he encountered new smells and added them to the list of known smells without even knowing their source.

One day he smelled something extraordinary and became hysterical about it. He started looking the source of such marvelous smell. It was a gal. He followed her without following conducts and manners of society and under some unstated circumstances he managed to kill the gal. He did not stop here, like an animal he smelled her body without any notion of pain or fear in his eyes. He wanted to preserve this smell desperately but he was helpless.

Soon he found one old perfumer who might know the trick of preserving the smell. He created lots of new perfumes for the old perfumer and in return he asked oldie to teach him the way to preserve any smell. Old guy passed his trick to the protagonist but it did not suffice. With this trick the boy could not preserve the smell of iron, dust and animal body. So Old man suggested him to visit Rome city to learn other preserving mechanisms.

On the way to city, the boy realized he was odorless. He was different from people, living and non-living things. So he determined to find his own odor. He reached to the city and started finding new way of preserving the smell. 

He found one and story of murders started from here. He killed one gal and tried preserving her smell but failed miserably in this technique. He learned another way and tried it on different gal and succeeded this time. Here started the spree of murders. Most 13 beautiful gals of the city were his victims and their smells were stored in different containers. Killer was merciless and inattentive and was committed to his duties. He worked like a messenger sent on earth to take beauties back to heavens.

With these 13 smells he created a perfume which was unique and exemplary; and he decided to use this perfume as his own odor and rest of the story should be kept secret.

I have tried my best to keep secrets; everything written above has an explanation in movie. I liked the movie a lot due to its unusual theme, direction, and pace of the movie. There was a sequence of 10 minutes which bored me a little but in all movie is must watch. At each step I was waiting for next step of the psychopath.

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  1. I recollect watching this movie, but don't really remember much. Yeah, it's definitely different. A nice movie I would say. Worth a watch.