Saturday, April 24, 2010

Muththathi - 11 April 2010

On Apr 9th, Friday, my colleagues forced me to plan to go out. They (I am included) were exhausted with the work pressure (Hard work put up@ TT/Foosball) and heat waves (Truly hot) of Bangalore. Somewhere out??? Dude, you guys could have told me before; now I have committed my Saturday. But their thirst to go out was so unquenchable that I had to accept their proposal***.

*** Conditions apply: Trip was trimmed down to one day and we had to find place near to Bangalore.

Now time to finalize the place. We got few places which were were spread out over several categories. Few of the categories got interesting comments like this. Shrine was the place where people could have lost their Jawani ('chiiii, Bhari Jawani me sadhu nahi banna chahati mein'). One guy could have failed his history exams because of Archeological Places listed(Before each history exam I used to be in dilemma - 'Akbar Auranjeb ka baap tha yah Auranjeb Akbar ka'). Dams were short of water (Shhhh, what will we do there? Machi pakdenge pure din). Hill Station was too tiring for people who had already put extra pounds (Mera BF patla ho jayega).  Birds sanctuaries dint have charm (I do not have interest in watching chidiya bird, ohhh birds are there around - Though my company does not have many arrre bhai any...)

Anyways after whole set of comments, arguments, advices, and place promotions it was fixed. Oops here it came, the place unanimously (Dint find any good competition) selected was Muththathi (It took exactly 10 days to pronounce it correctly.). Others preparations were booking the cab (booked late Saturday night), getting the road map (Nobody had any idea) and getting something to eat (Oops thanks to Mitalee, with this act she improved her gal quotient in my eyes). Okie dokie, lots of nonsense, come to the point. Oh this blog is growing. Ok I will split it here. Arre one more click please.

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  1. Hahahaha, Well, Every journey cannot be enjoyable. So, enjoy your stinking journeys as well. Some bad things are also meant to be enjoyed. :P