Saturday, April 24, 2010

Muththathi - 11 April 2010 - Continue

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Now no nosense, all this will make sense.

We were 8(Srikanth, Gautham, Mitalee, Soumaya, Om, 2More and me), all were ready to trek and enjoy the heat of mountain. There were 7 peaks, and we decided to hoist our flag on all the peaks. Our glucose level was very high. It was a 3 hours trip but the trip was under the surveillance of sun god,
who was producing more heat than normal. (Dude, I have one important question - How the hell does Sun god know that I am going out to trek?  Shhhh he never let me trek, I was still praying, he will prey some
other group today).

There we were, are we? All of us did not know if this is the right place?

We verified as well. Oops there we were, next to a shrine, next to a hill station and near a river (ravine or I should say dam - Place where water smells as stagnated water). As there were no clear pictures of the hill tops, no clear ways to travel up to enjoy trekking, so the verification was the continuous process. First step

toward the journey was to cross Kavery, vehicle was a circular boat and driver was a 10 year old kid. In the mid of the stream our boat was little unbalanced and we were scared. Dude what is the depth here? How many of us know swimming (For the matter of fact there were 2 swimmers only)? All those questions were remained undiscovered as it was desired and finally we were on the other side of Kavery. Oh did I
tell I helped kid to row down the boat with long hands like pole.

There were two sides to trek up and we choose one. We started horizontally to find the way to trek vertical. We walked and walked horizontally in the heat on the sand, in the treeless forest. Two were down soon. Mitalee and Soumya seated under a Banyan tree and rest of us walked to find way up. We walked one more mile and our patience also went down. Here we found only one place where stinking water of river was producing sound effects(Somewhat similar to fall). To reduce down(omit) the tiredness and heat we spent few minutes at the same location. But all was in vain. We came back under the Banyan tree. There we had snacks brought by Mitalee and while eating I figured out my hands were still recovering from the smell of stinking water.

Okay It was over, we returned to our cab and moved to Bangalore. For me it was the worst trip of my lifetime. Stinking River, unfamiliar smell, treeless forest and horizontal trekking was the achievements of
the journey. May be it was the bad timings, but I would suggest if you want to enjoy the day then stay away from Muththathi and if this does not scare you then you are worth the place like us.


  1. One thing I liked about your post is that you didn't compare that place to any other place. I hate when people compare things. Well, sometimes it understandable though.

    See, you still have memories of this trip. So, you cannot complain. :)

  2. hehe :) first of all wrong time to go to that place!!! so no wonder u had a bad experience.... next time ask expert advise... u know who I am talking abt :P