Friday, August 5, 2011

A comparison between Changing Job and Finding Biwi

Interview is a process to judge the capabilities of an individual/group. An interview, an Interaction among two or more individuals, provides an opportunity for the interviewers to assess the caliber of the interviewee. Though this assessment might base up on different criterion but final judgment communicates the perception of interviewer regarding interviewee's capabilities with respect to the new responsibilities. During the same interview process the interviewee also creates his perception about future prospects. So F2F interview provides a fair chance to both the sides to decide their future path.

Oops, where am I heading and do not know why did I leave this philosophy/gyan shit stinking the post? Dude I am not going to dictate "10 AGELESS PRINCIPLES TO SUCCEED IN AN INTERVIEW". We all have faced it and we all work to overcome the shortcomings of previous interviews while preparing for the next. I am here to talk about the two unavoidable and important categories of interview e.g., Job and Marriage interviews.

These two types have a lot of similarities and lot of differences with each other. Both of these interviews have affects prior and later to the interview. For better results every interview needs a specific preparation beforehand, whereas a successful interview leads to the surges of unwanted events and scary consequences.

As I was saying, for both the interviews we need to prepare in a different manner. For Job interview mug up fundamentals of one language which may be either Java, C, C++ or others, Learn something more to show other areas where you might have worked for an hour throughout your career e.g., Ant, Maven, You must learn to lie because interviewer asks "Why do you want to join us?" and believe me they will kick your ass out if you tell them the truth and last but not least mug up some stupid company information e.g., Who was the last CEO of the company and what was his most recent achievement (When I heard this question, I thought did he something similar to Mark Hudd, HP CEO, caught red handed with his secretary)? Preparations for the marriage interviews are different.  Call your dad/mom and ask him/her answer of all the already compiled questions. Visit to nearest and costliest parlour and try to put lot of cream to make your face fairer which might in turn increase your cost in marriage market. Go to cheapest saloon to get new hair style so that no one can recognize you if they have seen you whistle before. You need to learn the fake smile, gals have to learn to wear high heal sandals and sometime sarees as well, learn to speak truth (;) Optional, as people say "Har rishta Sachchai ki Neev par khada ho to jyada acha hai") and nod for all the answers like do you know cooking, sewing and stupider stuff. After such extraordinary preparations you cannot fail in any of the interview.

After giving so many job interviews and marriage I could list down few of the similarities and differences between both. First effect of successful job Interview is the starting of career, on the same line first successful marriage interview starts another life. Job interview makes you a slave for an organization whereas after marriage you wag the tail in-front of your spouse. Slavery to an organization makes you richer every last day of month whereas slavery to spouse makes you poorer every day. :(

Even if you choose wrong organization, you can try again to find another job but after marriage there are no chances of changing the decision or finding the new guy/gal again. Among of the few of the seen scenario one scenario is this. If you are divorcee and you are searching for a gal then all the aunties in city will gather in a temple to gossip about you.
Aunt 1 - Haaaaaaaaaa, Kaisa Jamana aa gaya hai? (See the world!!!!!!!!)
Aunt 2 - Haaaannnn, Dekho na, Arkit ne pehli biwi ko 3 saal pahle hi talaak diya hai n fir se ladki dhundh raha hai? (Arkit divorced his wife just 36 months before and he is again searching for a gal?)
Aunt 3 - Biwi to sundar thi Arkit ki (His wife was beautiful.)
Aunt 4 - Maarta bahut tha Arkit use. (Arkit used to hit her.)
Though Arkit and his wife were split as their love was more for their colleague than each other’s but these aunties proved Arkit a devil and made sure he would die without marrying again. Top of that they could comment ludicrously on his Dhalti Jawani.

Beside If you divorce at your own will, then you have to pay half of your money; hard earned money.

Next common thing between both is Role of mediator. Most of Job Interviews are arranged by Consultants whereas relatives assist in marriage interview. At the time of Job Interview, you wish consultant (If she is hot) should sit next to you whereas at marriage interviews you wish to sit alone with the girl. Consultants cannot change the course of Job Interviews but relatives can change the complete equations. They can affect your decision, dowry, and many other related things. Basic and most important fact comes later. After six months of job consultants call you back to ask if I mind changing my job again where as Relatives do not even mind calling you ever in life.

Both the interviews start with the same question. Tell me something about yourself. You can choose either to answer it or to shoot a question back. What should I tell (Sometimes I think to ask back; well do not you have CV with you?)? In Job interviews this would mean to elaborate your professional experience whereas in marriage interviews it would mean to tell your height, your size, your weight and exact birth date including seconds and mili-seconds along with location of birth with labor room report in details.

In both interviews selection criterion is salary. Salary decides final payment at both places. If you are fetching good salary then you will attract less number of employers willing to employ you whereas you will attract more number of parents willing to choose. Job interview will be more drilling to validate your worthiness whereas guardians instantaneously will acknowledge the worth of money. Along with that Private employers do not want to employ government employee so easily whereas parents looking for security worth government employee over private IT software engineers.

Both the places you will fail if you start arguing. "Interviewer is always right so do not argue with him" is the dumbest but most effective rule of interview. I try finding reason behind this saying. My research suggests In Job interview it is followed to make sure new employee should not change existing rules and regulations and in some time he will forget his own rules where as in marriages, couple should be taught to refrain from discussion to induce longevity in so called happy married life.

Both interviews provide the chance of choosing. You can have 4-5 jobs at a time and later deny all but one. But in case of spouse, you do not have the option of engaging with 4-5 gals/guys and choose one later. If it would have been possible than Life would have been much easier. I would have been searching for spouse for last seven years ;).

As I am novice to marriage interview business, so i might have missed few of the important points but I will try adding more as my experience nurtures with time. As I was saying there are lots other after effects of interviews. Do not you think those are obvious to envision? After marriage, guys just listen and girls speak whereas after joining the company, employer sucks your blood and you crib about employer's blood sucking techniques.

That is all I could find about interview e.g., Job and marriage. I know there are folks who are more experienced than I. Let's share and make the world more livable ;) ;)


  1. 'Maasi...ladka shaadi ke liye taiyar hai. Iske haath pile kar do'

    Seems like you are giving a lot of marriage interviews. I hope you get selected in one of them...very soon.

  2. @Kunnu Not much... but Yeah hunt has begun

  3. Hahaha, A funny comparison, although, true. One more difference.

    You get into a job: early in life, and retire early as well.

    You get into a marriage, late in life. It's a one way. Your resignations, most of the times, will be denied. There's no way of shifting tracks here.

  4. ha ha.. but both are exactly opposite.. one interview you give to earn money and other to GIVA away money.. there is always balance in nature.. ;)

  5. @Psycho: Yeah I missed that point. and believe me I did not want to make it funny. You will realize everything is 100 taka true. :)

    @Sonal: Another big miss... Entirely missed the money factor ;)

  6. @Dinesh Though I am a little but yahan context samajh ni aya ;)