Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aurangabad Trip -> Manjiri's Shadi - Day 2

Two days were passed within a blink of the eye and it was the third day of my small vacations. Day 3 started quite early. People woke me up at 7AM and none of the rooms were empty so I had to give my sweet sleep up. Though office's work was still troubling me (I do not have have much work in general but the week before my vacations was exceptional for me) but I had to care about more important things i.e. to get ready, have breakfast and if time permits then click few photos.

Vinay and Manjiri, who were looking magnificent in Marathi attires, were ready for to kick off the day. They were sitting next to the havan kund for the next round of Pooja.

The Bride.
Pandit Ji was chanting mantras. Along with his chanting, he was efficient enough to provide instructions, mostly in sign language, to the couple and the couple was following these instructions religiously. This mantro-uchcharan(chanting of the mantras) continued for four hours. Sitting in-front of nasty smoke for four hours was another incentive of marriage to the couple. Lot of rashms were completed in these hours but I could recall Mangal Sutra and pheres only.

Vinay is ready with Mangal Sutra. The Most important tradition of Hindu Marriages
After the pooja, couple took some rest before reception party. Reception took another 3 hours but even after in visible pain and tiredness both of them handled and welcomed all relatives and friends in enthusiastic manner. Neither Manjiri nor Vinay showed even one ounce of frustration or pain in standing at stage for so long.

Manjiri and Vinay@Reception
After the reception ceremony guests had the lunch and there were few more customs before calling the day off. After another short break, the tired couple was on the roll again. It was time for Kanya-Dan (Where all the relative of the girl release themselves from her responsibilities and delegate those responsibilities to her husband).

Kanyadan process
Kanya-dan was lengthier than kanya-dan in north Indian marriages. Once the Kanya-Dan was over, it was time for the girl's departure i.e. Vidai which, I think, is the saddest part of a marriage. ( In my childhood I always had one question, why does girl need to go? Why can't the guy can stay with the gal's family? Ham bhi khush vo bhi khush.) Everyone was heart broken and had wet eyes but none had the powers(rights now :) ) to stop Manjiri. After saying good bye to each and every one Manjiri and rest other baratis boarded the bus and left. We folks collected our stuffs and traveled back to home. This is how I spent my third day of my vacations, starting the day at high and ending it at low.

Next day was scheduled for Ajanta and Ellora Caves and my return to NCR.

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