Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oops, Tasty Bhindi

Many people/individuals talk to their girl friends as if they are in a question answer round where they can answer with hmmm, no, or yes only. Though they stick to their mobiles for hours, but to remain silent. Believe me or not, but these discussions kept pinching and suffering my mind. So I wanted to know everything about them.
I inquired my friends about their discussions with their girl friends. Most of them ignored me, but they did not miss to pass a scary glance at me, and rest others answered miserly. Most told me that these discussions are general chat about their day to day activities. But, believe me, these answers did not satisfy my curiosity. After neglected by friends, I decided to achieve the enlightenment at my own. I decided to dirty my own hands to figure out the truth.

So I started searching a prey for my experiment. It was hard to find a girl who was as desperate as me. Though I was kicked out of many coffee houses and disco bars, but I did not lose the hopes. Finally, I found the girl who could help me to attain the salvation. She was decent looking, though socially awkward, but physically marvellous blonde.

Her name was Sam as her actual name Sameera was too old fashioned and embarrassing for her. She had the henna coloured hair, big and dark black eyes, long ear having big long earrings, dimpled cheeks, and aquiline nose. She was 5'6 tall, hot, and cute girl.

Actually, I was on the 7th sky. I did not get a chance to talk to girls ever, but now I was dating a blonde. Though I thought, She might be different from general Salvar-Kurta girls and my experiment may fail, but I did not want to screw up the only chance I got.

After seducing and convincing her for the couple of weeks we were in a serious relationship, and we started sharing many sleepless nights. Initially I used to speak, and she used to listen me, but later everything changed and she started driving our conversation.

I used to return to home from office at 10PM. Our office AC was not working well and used to stop cooling building everyday after 8PM. So these two hours were heat massage for me. Though sweating was merely a problem, but my bigger problem was; her call. I did not know, how she synchronized her calls with my entry in the house, but my cell would surely ring once I was here. Though I had seen lot of science fiction motion pictures, but nothing helped. Even after multiple check-ups, the doctors could not find any transmitter in my body (ha ha ha kidding).

Her call was not pain until we had a lot to discuss, but within few days we did not have enough topics to discuss. Apart from that she wanted to dictate herself. The discussions were very similar everyday.

Our discussion used to start with hi darling, did you have your dinner? If I would say NO, then she would start explaining medical and scientific reasons to avoid late in the nights. She would give more unwanted suggestions to improve my bad eating habits. So I did not have any option except a lie. My answer was not good enough to stop our dinner about discussion. Now she would insist me to tell  her specific details about dinner. She always wanted to know cooking capabilities of her 'to be' mother -in -law. Oh fuck, is all this necessary now? But, you cannot show your frustration on phone. I told her that I eat Bhindi with Chapaties. Bhindi brought her back to life. She screamed, and told me that Bhindi was her favourite dish. She started to describe  all the possible ways of preparing Bhindi. According to her, Bhindi could be prepared in four different ways, and she described all of them to me. I think, she was expecting me to cook Bhindi for her in her next visit. I was adding few Hmmm, okay, no and yes to the conversation. Somehow she introduced her Mausi in this Bhindi preparation methods session. She had already told me her Mausi's story millions time earlier, but Sam would reiterate her Mausi's struggle story. I remembered this story word by word now, and this story has been taught to me with very hard way.

Before disconnecting the phone call, she would not forget to ask these questions  again. "Baby, do not you love me any more? Why do you not speak to me as you used to talk to me earlier?". I would need another half an hour to convince her, "she is best thing happened to me in my lifetime".

I can understand the fear in my friends mind now. They never told me the whole story as they did not to reiterate it one more time in the day. They, not my friends but their girl friends, always talked general daily routine. After enlightening myself I defended myself from humiliation and got back to same life which was before introducing the blonde bug in life.

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