Thursday, March 21, 2013

Movie Review: Road to Sangam

Road to Sangam, 2010
Cast: Paresh Rawall as Hasmat Ullah, Om Puri as Mohammad Ali Kasuri, Pawan Malhotra as Maulana Qureshi.
Director: Amit Rai
Music by: Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Haria
Genre: Drama, Social
Awards: 9th Annual International Film Festival (South Africa) - 2 – 8 November 2009 - (Winner of Best First Film Director) and Many more.

Road to Sangam showcases the zeal of a person who has to fight with the society to complete his duties for the nation. It demonstrates the handicapped state of a person in front of the current social foundation. A Muslim mechanic has been chosen to finish a very important work, which has a great historical significant in the Indian history, but he faces lot of difficulties to complete his work and at the end he has to stand against the society to complete his work.

Amit Rai has picked a controversial topic, but he has removed the controversy from the plot successfully and expressed his views effectively. Paresh raval has showcased his extraordinary talent again. Other actors, who have been part of movie, are hidden under the shadow of Paresh Raval's rock solid performance.

Hasmat ullah, who is a god fearing muslim and mechanic, is popular in community for his impeccable work  Hasmat has been handed over a vehicle which must be used to carry Bapu's ashes to immerse it into Sangam river. For some unknown reasons, the historical significance of the vehicle was kept secret.

Sooner few Muslims were arrested who were charged as conspirators in a bomb explosion. Few individuals, from the same community, took it otherwise and provoked others to stand against the government. In turn they closed their shops, and stood for their community members who were sent to jail. In the meantime,  Hasmat came to know the historical  significance of the car. Now he wanted to serve the nation by repairing the car at time. He could not go against his own either people or nation. So story of his struggles unfolded now. He had to fight with community,  teach people, bring them together and finish his work There were tense moments, and emotions, but finally he repaired and delivered the car to the people.

Though movie was a result of efforts from hundreds of people, but Ghandhian effect and Paresh Sir's marvelous acting worked too well in the movie. Script was great, no spice were added to such a noble but controversial concept. I loved this movie, and I could not understand the reason why these movies are not even advertised well by these directors. Great Movie must watch it.

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