Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rain: Every time brings my childhood back

Sometime you do not need bigger things to swing your mood. A small favour from your friend, a smile from a street kid, little bit of here and there can make your day.

One such thing is Rain. Delhi has been quite cool for quite some time. Clouds have covered sun for last entire week. Though weather forecasting department have been predicting heavy rain fall for quite a long time, but rain fall was not in picture. And yeah I have been unlucky too.

When I was in Rohtak, heavy rain fall was reported in Delhi. So I returned back to Delhi, and it just stopped pouring, and it started in Rohtak. My friend kept informing me about the heavy rain fall in Ahmedabad. I went there but I did not even see a drop of rain for 2 days.

Today things were different. I was in Noida, and it was raining heavily here. I got lift from my friend till the half way. I had a laptop to save, so I ran. As I was resisting the rain, so it grew heavier with every passing moment. I was fully wet in covering 200 Mts distance. I entered in my society and I saw children playing there. I could not play with them as I am old enough to play with kids in the rain and rainy water.

Quietly I entered to my apartment, and unloaded my stuff. But I was yet done. So I planned to get more wet in rain. I planned to have tea outside the society, which gave me plenty of time to soak more rainy water.

Now I was ready to face the drops, but it started slowing down. Though I enjoyed the dying rain, but I think that I could have done little more masti in my childhood.

But still I enjoyed first awesome rain(First only for me) of the season.

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