Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why I hated Tanu Weds Manu Returns?

First thing first, do not take me wrong. I loved the humor of the movie. It will be a understatement to say that I was laughing like a mad during the movie and I associated myself with the characters of the movie.

But I hated the movie because the way director punished DATTA, A village athlete who falls in love with a doctor who is divorcee and at least 15 years elder to her. Director has defied all the logic while introducing twists in the story and manufacturing a HAPPY ENDING story, just the way Indian Junta like it. 

SPOILER's ALERT - Please do not read any further if you do not want to know the story.

I would have loved the story too if only

  1. Dr Sharma was not a divorcee (Point was reiterated in the movie again and again, so that Junta must not forget that Datta is marrying a divorcee.)
  2. Dr Sharma was not at least 15 years older than Datta. (Why should Datta marry a BUDDHA, even though she can find more handsome boys even in Jhajjar? Datta could have been older too)
  3. Datta's character was not so strong. (She fought with her father and family just to marry this Dr Sharma irrespective of all the odds. Director put all the efforts to make Datta queen of our heart, but he broke the heart badly.)
  4. Tanu's character was designed bit modestly. (Tanu could have more feeling for Manu in the middle of the movie.)
  5. If Datta was not the exact duplicate of Tanu. (It hurts a lot)
  6. If Datta's uncle had not helped her to meet the guy.
  7. If movie has not reached until the last PHERE. It was dragged until the last PHERE which was unnecessary.

Within 20 minutes after the intermission, it was evident that movie will take the same twists as any old movie, I wanted to walk out the movie hall without knowing the end of the movie. I wanted to keep myself guessing the end and hoping that Datta marries to Dr Sharma. But I was not alone and my wife was enjoying the movie thoroughly, so it was impossible to leave the hall.

But the end result hurt me a lot; Directors, even good ones, must stop twisting the movies in these foolish way. I am still convincing myself that it was just a movie, and Datta i.e. Kangana is happy with the movie success. Kangana has already increased her acting charges and I am judging movie direction


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