Friday, May 16, 2008

Dabar or Dhaba

College, a collage of friends, incidents, teachers, daru. Do not think I am missing something, as all college pass outs know study was not the part of our curriculum. From this collage we separate out some pictures which keeps knocking the heart. Yesterday I remembered one of those incidents. May be it was a scary incident, but I am sure it will make you burst in laughter.

Early winters(October), second year of my studies. I was highly addictive to tea. So me and my roomie Amit(Bone Collector) planned to have a tea at khokha(Our college's unique place to TIME-PASS). We asked few more people to come along with us. But no one agreed to come with us. So I and Amit were alone. Generally the roads to khokha have lots of human being with cattle, but today there were none other than us. The cattle were also not there. I did not think much, we kept on walking towards that khokha.
As soon as we crossed the college boundaries, 2 motor cycles stopped along with a car.(:)) Hey they were not kidnapping us, They wanted to ask something. So one of them came towards us and He asked: "OYE: DABAR kahan milega?" (DABAR was a final year student. He was the supremo of the college gunda raaj.)
I looked at Amit asking "who is he?".

But that person was in real hurry. He asked Amit again. Amit understood everything. He though these guys were hungry. He said innocently; "Dhaba to nahi hai kahin aas pass, Han khokhe hai yahan par. Maggie and Paranthe ache mil jaye hai. Bhukh lagi hai to kha lo(There is no dhaba, if you are hungry you can eat at khokha, you will get good maggie and parantha)".

I thought wow Amit, finally you solved the puzzle. But before I could have added my expert comments, I heard a thundering sound just under my ear (Chidiya ud gayi thi ab). it took me at least 30 seconds to see my self grabbed by a wrestler, who was willing to fry my second cheek too. My conditions were still ok, but Amit was weeping and saying I do not know any Dabar, leave us we came for tea, and we do not want it any more. We will go back and will send dabar back.

Suddenly those guys offer a lift till there village (:P), not really asked they ordered. I was ok with those orders and started walking towards the car. I was still in shock of that slap. Amit was saying we will not go. I was not in mood to struggle. Suddenly a hope of ray came. Amit heard a sound of 100 people running toward us. So guys it was RECK POWER coming to save us from HARYANA-DEVILS.

Those idiots left us, and started running. In the meanwhile I got my conscious back, and started noticing the bike's number. I did not remember that number. People started coming and asking what happened. Amit was in shock and I was laughing. He started weeping and telling the whole story "Unnnnnnn Unnnnnnnnnn, sala mene kya kiya... unnnnnn unnnnn mujhe kyon mara. Ab mujhe kya maloom kaun hai dabar." People were smiling and consolidating him.

The very next day, In class girls were chatting, you know yesterday 2 guys were slapped by some uni guys, and they started giggling. Suddenly one idiot came and asked hey Vishal you were one of those na. Hee hee hee.

Here I was merely escaped from a kidnap, but also it brought lots of embarrassment. Anyways whenever I think of that incident I can not refrain myself from smiling and murmuring "Dhaba to nahi hai, han par khokha jaroor hai"


  1. Abe chidi.......maine to suna tha ki tujhe bhi padi amit ka naam dhakel diya hain......par maza aya...

  2. Hmm...I can't really figure out the sachchai, par, Amit ka naam kyun kharaab kar raha hai....If you would have been in Amit's place, I am sure, ki you would also have said something like that.

    Tera kidnap nahi hua, is baat ka dukh hai, ek din ki chutti mil jaati...

    A good piece, carry on, I am sure you would have lots of funnier incidents to write about. I am waiting.

  3. the complete narration was awesome!!! we used to laugh a lot remembering this incident in hostel too, anyways!!

    Want to mention a special statement.. 'Amit understood everything' :D :D

    Diu u really write this in sarcasm in the first instance or its just innocence of narration :D

  4. Here it was attempted sarcasm. there me and Amit dint have time to think a lot. Whole of the incident finished in 2-3 minutes.

  5. Abe chidi khud ki halat bhol gaya jab wo tujhe maruti mein betha rahe the then u were wipping mien nhi jauga mujhe kyun le kar ja rahe ho....mein nhi jauga....leave me...

    But whole blog is awesome. Yar abhi bhi Daber or Dhaba incident yaad karke hasi aati hian