Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paradise On Earth

Everyone talks about paradise, everyone dreams of it, so do I. But i never wanted to see it after my death (Indian epics say the heaven is on earth. At some place they refer that heaven is visible after death). I always heard: Kerala is a LAND of GOD. My dreams, to touch the heaven, were roped 2 years back. Since my first day in Bangalore, I begged to my mallu roomie for a small home trip. But he never invited us to visit his home state. After 2 years I got this chance. Not with roomies, not with colleagues. But I got this chance with my HP friends. Yogita called up to join them for Munnar. Here my journey started to Munnar, the tea estate, and a glimpse of Kerala. So guys let me not bother you with my high concentrated philosophy, here it comes the heaven from my eyes.
We started late Friday night and returned monday morning. That’s it. Just 60 hours and out of those 60 hours we were punished to stay in the cab for 30 hours (Our driver was more interested in talking with gals ;) instead of doing his real job. So his will frustrated us). Yah guys it was not a journey that everyone will look forward to. But I feel this investment was more worth than investing in the share market even though it is at its peak.
Saturday morning we entered the valley. The roads were like the marks of snake's crawling on desert's sand. But these roads were so charming that I refrain myself from blinking the eye. From a 4- wheeler vehicle you would have 3 views to look outside (Front, Left, Right I do not think any smart guy will try to work hard to look from rear view, So i considered you smart by default :) ). I was not able to decide which will be the best view to cover maximum area of such a beautiful divine place. On one side of the road was grand ditch (Could not find a better word) that was fully covered with green. On the Other side, the mountain was standing, comprising of tea plants which were adding spice to its beauty. This was not the end, sooner the sun came up in the sky to scatter its light on green land that made the view more astonishing. We were covering up the distance to reach Munnar, but the closer we were, the more beautiful the trip was.
the whole place belonge to TATAS, and on each meter of the land is covered with tea plants Here in Munnar we visited Muttakutti Dam, Echo point, backwaters, top station and some falls. Each and every place was so glamorous, that it seems, god came down to earth to design the architecture of the place. We guys had 7 cameras with us and at least one among us was continuously capturing Munnar. But Munnar never gave us chance to close camera shutters.
Anyways every trip comes to a halt. Ours' also came to an end when we marched back to home. While returning everyone was happy and praising our trip manager (Guru) to suggest such a beautiful place. I am really thankful to Yogita and guru for inviting me and arranging such a nice trip.
I do not know if I will be able to visit the place again but I would suggest you to visit the place once in life. If somehow you get the opportunity to visit Munnar, do not even think twice. I still can see the mountains, huge trees on the bank of a lake, I still can see clouds surrounding me, I can still hear my scream at the echo point, I can still hear water which I felt while boating. There is lot to pen down but restrictions are imposed to limit the words.
To feel Munnar check the link
Guys I have decided to buy a plot near Munnar soon. :P. If someone interest to buy plz contact me. In case of bulk buys we can get some discount too. :P


  1. Well done dude. But I thought the greeneries need more description - there is no end to it !!!

    Buy a plot and gift it to me man.. I will either grow tea there or build a 2 storied cottage there. Top floor for me and ground floor for tourists.. Good enough for my life :)

  2. Shubhrendu, I also thought same after reading it here. But people do not have time to read big blogs. So i have to shorten it. Anyways if i will buy a plot there i will call you up for sure... You can come there to stay as tourist. ground floor will be yours... For 2 days ;)

  3. Thats perfectly right......A better piece....But if you know how to be poetic, people won't find it boring.

    I can join you in Munnar next time you plan to go....

    But tell me well in advance...I am so busy these days...

    What happened to our Bangkok plans???

  4. Bankok plans are delayed as we have discovered far better place than bankok... So we are targetting that place first.. We can aim bankok in june.. Soon we have to start worlf tour too... Anyways thanks for such a nice comment