Friday, April 4, 2008


Shreya, The girl who is one among my best friends. Our story of friendship is very long which is neither simple nor hard. She knows i had feeling for her in the past and also I know she had some feeling for me in her past. But now we are two separate souls who can not meet for next 7 janms( Mind it i never said this). Still i can flirt with her with perfection. While talking to her, she has a regular question "Vishal, When you can flirt with such a perfection then why can not you find a better partner in bangalore? Mera piche kyon pada hua hai". and my answer always remains same.. after hearing your voice my minds work 1000 time faster than normal and that is why flirting with you, is as easy as walking on the lonely road.

The kick to our friendship was given first in 11th. hey Was there any friendship that time! Oh!!! That would be better to say we two shared a common roof, a common ceiling under the instruction of some great teachers. That was all about interesting thing of our friendship. These were not the only things that we shared, some time we shared our pencils too ;) ;)(This is secret). In the class we never talked to each other. According to her she could remember two instances when we both talked. Once she had a doubt in a physics (Was i physics bond that time :) ). In Second instance we walked together for the first time in life for discussing questions that were expected in the exam. Look at the destiny here also i dint get the chance to walk alone with her. Anil and neetu, my other class toppers, was also giving their expert comments on the question. In school she was in trauma. She was scared of me. Hey I was not scary that time too but her nature could not let her come out of vishalofobia. Sometime she boasts saying "I was very innocent in school time", she did not know What the relationship(Love) is. So chapter of our two year friendship finished without even introduction. Please do not say talking, i would love to say without even seeing each other. For us it was a crime to have a eye contact.

It was really impossible to move your eyes away from her once you start staring her. She caught me hell load of time when i was getting my eye tonic ( Staring at gals is eye tonic for guys and the quantity increases if you are staring your favourite gal). She is chutki si. She used to wear those light colour suits which used to make her look more sweet. Above to all these she had a distinction from others. She had a mole on her forehead, which was just above the nose mid of her eye brows. That was the thing which used to make me crazy. I really loved that mole.

It was not the end of our friendship. We met again in Kota. This time our ego worked much stronger then our feelings. I used to think when she can talk to every second person in this world why can not she talk to me? I used to feel bad for such stupid things but never tried to go and ask her hey shreya how are you? She will talk to Anil, she will talk to Umesh, kakkar but why not me? Am i that bad, am i that ugly ki she can not give a glance at me. I did not know. And for her, she used to think what a person, cant he even start talking to me. When this idiot can talk to my mom, why not me? So we wasted 2 years in ego. We always had a feeling ki pahle tum, pahle tum.

Once kota was gone, I never though that she will come back to my life. But yah i used to talk about her with my friends, With our common friend. But for me everyone was as far as she was. In second year i met Sweta, she was nice that time. We were not good friends, but she was best friend of shreya. In third year sweta and me started building up a good friendship. While talking to her my most interesting topic was to talk about her, so one day she gave me her number. I called her up. It was our first informal conversation in past 7 years. I was damn nervous. I thought twice to ring her. I tried three times and disconnected it saying she will not talk to me. Finally i put shreya phobia to one corner of my heart and rang her up and she was damn cool. I talked to her more than 30 minutes in the first call. It was brilliant.

Here our real relationship started building. By the time shreya was not single. "Hamara chand kisi or ka ho gaya tha.. Vese when we started talking i was playing with the word of love. Akansha was there in my life". In our relationship we never saw back. Vese now we are only mobile friends. But really i feel very comfortable while talking to her. She is just a chatter box. She will keep gossiping. will keep on going. And if i'll tell her my phone bill than she will be ready some weird answers. But most weird and nice answer i got in last conversation. When i told her, out of my 1000 minute calls, 600 minutes i spent on you. she said instantly, wont you have to pay some plenty to flirt with me. Yah mam i will.

Our doctor is in ahamdabad, who is no more innocent. She tells her room partners what is the world? "Kuch baar to mujhe bhi batati hai". I do not know till what time our friendship last. But i really enjoy those moments which i spare with her on phone. So keep gossping shreya cause tera baat karne se mujhe pyar hai..

Hey listen abhi bhi teri line khali hai.. soch lena

Keep Smiling....

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  1. Guys...I read this wonderful piece.. before it was posted here..(one of the luxuries of being his roomie..)Wonderful and spectacular, if you ignore those small mistakes here and there(can happen anywhere). But in terms of flow and substance it stands apart very tall..But what is truly praise worthy here is laugh and sometimes cry (not me ofcourse..) at the same time. You almost feel him and say Oh Boy! if only you have been brave enough!!

    I almost wish I could also write a piece like this one. But I cant. Why? Because Vishal had this one story. But I am in dilemna. I have so many similar stories. Which one to choose(;)).

    Now, I am almost sure, I wont have to open this link again. Because, I think he cant come up with a masterpiece twice..

    But still, you never know...keep watching this space..

    Bahut ho gaya....abki baar thoda chota likhiyo....

  2. What if the girl you are talking about is committed.....I was just wondering what will happen if her would be better half(not you of course) happens to stumble here....

    Then you are dead man.... lolz..

  3. Dude, these things have been taken cared of... Cause imagination does not come on earth.. The gal is not on earth at all... No worries...

  4. Hey Kunal, even I have read this before....and please don't try to go into much details...Just enjoy and cherish whatever he has wanted to write. I am sure there will be somethings which he has not disclosed out here, might be a very stupid thing to write, or might be a very serious thing to share with all and everyone.

    Nice one to start with, I guess, every word of it is true, and not like Mr. Kunal's masala blogs ...and mine too...hehehe...

    Carry on, and I will definitely never forget to comment on your blogs. Might be late, but will never miss commenting. I am very busy these days :-)

  5. Haan...aur ek bata...thoda chota likh na.... :-D

  6. abbe saale yeh saali sheyaen kisi kaam ki nahin hai...jaan pe mat marwaao.....
    daru piyo,mast raho\/

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  8. peenoo, whats this about you sharing your pencil with girls ?!? he he :D