Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My limits are 18

This was June 21st 2007, when i joined my new company. I joined the company cause i did not have any work in my previous organization. Prabhat (My previous manager) had swore to make me a call center agent, and i swore to gain my self respect. Here on Monday, i stepped in the recreation room of STERLING Commerce. I was shell shocked. Shocked, Not because it was empty, but because it was the second most crowded place (after cafeteria) of the company. There were 5 games, 20 people were playing and 30 people were in queue.

I also joined the queue. I never knew i am standing next to pros of the table. ASA i got the chance, I picked up the racket that i never touched in my life before. Sooner i came to know it is really hard to cop up on this table with these people. The people were eying on me like i have committed heinous crime. Anyhow i finished my game and was replaced with other people waiting in the queue. I dint wanted to be eyed in this way, so i left the room thinking: one day i will play with the elite group.

Days passed, weeks passed, months also, and it is almost a year. In the whole year i asked each and every person to play with me. Some turned down my offer, some started but after playing few games either they were tired of me or they got some work. (Few were there who neither say no nor played a game) For me both the things were not reality. I was neither bored of any person nor i got work. In the whole year i played 100s of matches and i win 10's of them. I never lost the spirit of playing the game. I kept playing, kept switching games. but nothing seems working.

Now a days my game has improved. But this improvement neither clinches the games for me nor it places me into the community of moderate player. They still look at me as they did on first day. Till now winning is like a selection in IIT. The door is always open but the door is so small that i can not fit into it. I am trying to broaden the door but it is taking a long time. I wish i do not loose my spirit before i could make it large to enter easily.

For some people SKY is the limit, for me 18 is the limit in TT. Or saying in other way, SKY is my limit which has come down to 18.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA...So, you remember when I came with you to your office to play TT....Who won?????

    Well, 18 will not be the limit for you forever. Someday, when you cross the limit, and may be reach 19, then you might say, 19 is the limit.

    And regarding the saying, "Sky is the limit", I don't believe in this.

    Just think about it....

    "If you knew you would never fail,what all you would have done?"