Monday, April 14, 2008

Thousand Splendid suns

Khaled hosseini, started writing some chunk of thought about afgan history, Afgan Woman, Afgan WAR. Then finally she end up finishing a book called, THE THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS. Every book can be categorized in Drama, Emotions, Adventure, fiction, history; But after reading the first half of the book it is really hard to find out What is the point that the writer trying to convey?

Books starts up on a slow path, and the pace degrades with the each ending chapter. So after turning few pages you will find the sentences that are struggling to breathe. There are four parts in the book. Each part is tried to connected with the other in the fully isolated manner. So hosseini tried hard to isolate each part with other but could not keep the theme going.

First part features the condition of a Agfani gal, who is trying to establish in a world. The world which is new to her even at the age of 15. She is burden to society, to father. But this brave girl tried hard to keep herself living in the man dominated world. Along with that writer tried to show the real face of the agfan thinking.

In second part she tried to cover Afgan thinking, Afgan jihad, Afgan history, Afgan era. So as a whole second part became a mixer of chemical solvent which can never come up with a result. Writer has shown her brilliance in showing dead over life. She has featured death in such a way that you can see it but she could not featured life through out the book.

Third part really makes book somewhat interesting. It pacify the life of the two main characters of the book. Again writer is able to fetch her best in describing the death. This is the most interesting part of that book.

Fourth part is trying to finishing the book, finishing it was a pain for me. But finally i ended the book. Guys beware if you are planning to take this book to enjoy. Han to know history, to know afgan struggle you can read the book. In case you started and could not finish reading it, do not miss 3rd part. you might end up covering up some amount of your money.

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