Thursday, September 3, 2009

Road to Where???

Development, progress, and growth these synonyms are more associated with developing countries than developed one. Today developed nations are secure enough to feed their people and take care of their needs, but developing countries are still struggling to feed their people. Apart from all these, developing countries are marching ahead, crushing the needs of their citizens, in the desperate attempt to reduce the gap with developed territories. Have we ever thought what are we loosing to reduce that margin? What have we achieved from these developments? Is our progress mocking the saying "To Gain, first you need to Loose."?

Today I read one article that was covering the story of protest held in Delhi by the farmers to claim their agricultural land from big entrepreneurs. This article took to me 2 year back, when I had discussion with my roomies about the building path of progress. Their thinking was to rule out such demands without delay as they are the road blocker in the path of development. According to them it is not possible to keep 1 billion happy at the same time. To make progress possible, the Indian government has to take such harsh decisions. To achieve the progress developed nation had followed the same trajectory, then why should not we follow the known path?

Now, are the comparisons between developed and developing nation fair enough? When comparing two countries, why do not we look at the infrastructure/resources possessed by each country? For the matter of the fact, USA is the 3rd biggest country in the world, while Indian continental total field area does not even stand in top 5, and the people using that piece of land is in 1:10 ratio. The land available to one person of USA is equal to the land utilized by 100 Indians. Wookay, Why to compare with the extreme, china is also developing faster than India. Then why not compare with china? China and India both overpopulated countries, but the land available for 1 Chinese is equivalent to 2 Indians. So in china too richness of resources, area available is far better than Indian Territory.

Lets just consider the Land requirement for the purpose of development; land is the resource which is the starting point of new set of troubles. Indian Rural population is marching toward cities to find a job, because either there land were snatched or were bought in the lower prices by big guns which is resulting in demolition of agricultural India. As land of agriculture is reducing, it is leading to less grain production, asking for high import of grains, so in few years we will be eating imported floor. Won’t it be a luxury? Poor will loose their jobs. So India will move further, but along with the increasing burden of problems.

Guys, I am not really against the industrialization, but why are we chasing the external dragon, even if our internal dragon may swallow the country soon? Do not we have some moderate path which will not save us from destruction marching us to the construction?

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