Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trip to Chikmagloor

Can you u imagine the trip after 3 years of college with college friends? Reviving your college memories is always an enlightening experience. All of you (Trip crew) know each other from the deep root level. So such trips, with college geeks, remain memorable and fresh through out your life.
It was Thursday night. Kunal reached home, we opened Google, searched tourist places near Bangalore, and found 3 probable destinations. Gulti with his little experience finalized our future for next two coming days. We all were set except few hiccups, like Psycho, did not want to come with out his friend vidushi, vidushi could not come without any other girl.
I do not think there is any need of introduction with all big guns. Vishal me, Gulti the exitincting species, rajhans saint, kunal evergreen, psycho sharmila, vidushi our new listing in friends, Garima my sister.

We planned to leave Bangalore at 7, but because of Bangalore’s morning traffic, our car arrived 5 hours late. Dude, Gulti's eyes were boiling in rage. I did not know what is going to happen to our driver. I was thinking Gulti should settle the things in little arguments. Once driver reached, he fired up, and he asked, "Kya bhaiyyyya, itni der kahan laga di, traffic mein fans gaye the kya" :). That’s all really.
Trip was started at 12 and our first stop was a temple (Name: I am still thinking :)). We all did not enter into the temple, and none of us had courage to climb down approximately 100 stairs. So we planned to ease our self and find the fall's starting point. Here the wildness of ashish woke up (Some time our saint behaves like a rahul Roy in Junoon.).

One decent guy told us that this water is coming up from top of the hill and hill top is just 300 meters above. So here it started. Water, mud, Stone, big stone we crossed everything on the way, just opposite to water flow.

We completed one KM, no peak nearby, we completed 2 KM's still no peak (Was the peak also walking with us???-RVG can only answer this...AGYAT-2). Gals behind us were just to faint, then my conscience woke and I asked Rajhans to halt, who was not willing to stop his journey in the excitement of discovering something unknown/unseen. Kind hearted Ashish finally decided to adjourn his tracking all because of those poor gals, who were at the verge of surrendering the courage with which they started their passion to accompany us on such a difficult track. Now we choose the safer path to move little up in the forest. But there were no stairs to reach at top, Psycho tried searching in each direction (Actually he lost the directions so he was wandering here and there). Finally we all gave up finding source of water. All of the sudden, Gulti's weird imagination went into Stone Age and started putting off his cloths (:))... Gulti wanted to cover his whole body with leaves and woods. Thank God, gals were there with us. Otherwise Gulti ka name bhi "Patte Wale Baba" hi hota (God with leaves).

Oh yeah, how can I forget, Kunal successfully saved one tree there from us. he saved it by giving it a big hug. So this was little forest trip.

After wandering in the forest we marched ahead to find the place for spending the night, as sun started hiding and announcing the EOD. We found one lodge and lodge manger informed about unavailability of the rooms. Where will we go? Will we need to spend our night in mogali (Jungle Book hero) mode? Kunal was quick enough to start making friends, Ashish started dowsing (Got chance to sleep in nature.), Gulti started talking in Gulti with driver (Jugaaaaad), Psycho was shell shocked and gals were cool. I was the one who still had some guts to talk with the rishwatkhor manager and manager came up with two vacant room and we got place to spend our night. After dinner, it was walk time. Dark night, no lights, no men on the streets, some screams, some wild sounds, on such a horrified road we were walking in the direction of nowhere. Will we become the inspiration of RVG's next movie? After 20 minutes, we headed back toward lodge. We all settled down and talked about college, college friends, achievements (Who all could manage to escape from marriage till now, who all could manage to find a gal and run with her and few talks were about jail... etc).

12 AM, Ashish became the victim of atrocities(It was his b'day, and we did bumped someone's a** for a long time. Poor ashish :(). It is night, got to get a nap.
Good night.


  1. That was really a memorable trip. It was fun. As you all must be aware, I hate the heat, I enjoyed the foggy morning, the icy cold winds, the dhaba ka khana,

    I wish we can go on some more trips like this. But I guess, it's so simple. Sabse mast tha, ki last momemt me hamara jaana decide hua.

    However, I will never forget that you kept us waiting for more than an hour on the morning we were leaving bangalore.

  2. lol :D .. that was THE trip.. n da trek was awesome man!! abe sahi wale pics lagaye hai.. ;) especially gulti wala :D

    aur saalo abhi tak bumps yaad.. saari office/company/GF ki khunnas tum logone mere a** pe nikali thi.. :(

    good travelogue !! aur where is rest of the story ??

  3. hmmm mast tha wo TRIP...we can plan d next trip in December end.....watsay guys???

  4. Ashish: I dint want to make this much larger to read, so second day will put in next blog.
    Vidushi: Why December, is something gonna happen new in December. we can plan trip in October too...

    Whats say guys?

  5. Peopleee.... The dudeee is here!!!
    Where ever where ever, dont bother. Jus count me in...

    I like hangin arnd with Jerks :P

  6. sahi chidi....pehla blog jisse maine poora padha... hehe...
    write the sequel soon....
    cool photos...

  7. day 1 pics: