Friday, August 13, 2010

Hail Dictator

India is a democratic country. As part of democracy, there are many luxuries which have been assumed as rights. These assumptions are so dominant that differentiating luxury and right becomes difficult to us. For example, to select a leader of a group of 5 people, we vote to choose one. Is it luxury or right? I do not know it. But I have one question; this question keeps me awake for hours.

Would it be possible for us to survive behind invisible bars of slavery? What if someone declares emergency again like Indira Ghandhi did it in 84? How will it (I don’t mean to people lying on road in the blood-pool) impact India? Some dictator or a dictator, would he be able to make us feel prouder on India?

I do not know much but As an Indian, I have lived my whole life in democratic fashion and finding alternative to the democracy is just rubbish thought to me. But on the other hand it feels I have not thought much about country. Did we ever thought; what is this democracy? Is not this more similar to a puppet, who is handled by few illiterate, chauvinistic and corrupt people (I think most of you will not agree with me)?

So Instead of choosing Indian destiny on caste, religion, region, money and reputation, if a intelligent dictator chooses right peoples to march; India may grow fast enough to catch the developed economy. There will be less strikes, dharnas, road blocks, and stone pelting. Person in power will command all the departments.  Functioning of government will be centralized. All the order will pass from one side and executed thoroughly without execution delays and headless errors. It is just the start, there are others thousand more things which will grow, develop, resolve and evolve.

I will close this post without counter arguing. I will continue this in next post.

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