Friday, October 15, 2010

Tea Breaks

In India tea breaks, with colleagues, are the part of our job. We are not paid only for working but apart from our work there are lot other factors which contribute to our compensation. Few of those factors are gossips@work place, unworthy meeting, town hall meetings to present nothing but some figures to stop people from leaving company, idiotic boring and unnecessary product trainings (To hamper the confidence of a person who is already working on same product for past 6 year) and tea breaks. There are chances to avoid few of these factors by displaying affection to your work but it is inevitable to avoid Tea-Breaks. Not that you want to invite acidic problems by sipping more and more coffee but the depth of these discussions pull you out of your seat. These breaks are funny, knowledgeable (At times you get to know about the new entrants in office. :) ), harsh, and few of these discussions are not categorized.

In general these discussions erupt based on crowd. When you are coming with colleagues including team lead or manager you got to talk about sports i.e. Cricket, Hockey, Football, CWG, you talk about cars in the market, pollution, population, crowd on the road, places to visit around Karnataka, some philosophy, some debates, pulling someone's leg, photography, driving, movies, songs, player, composer, director, festivals and many more interesting topic. Moreover these discussions keep repeating with the time and new facts keep emerging.

Oh there are times when your TL and manager do not accompany you, it is time to discuss company, its future, our compensation, manager, work, TL, plans for MBA, plans for leaving company (Though no one reveals it), HR policies and rarely general discussions. In a way these discussions are as interesting as discussing cricket in public as everyone is indulged in it from core of his heart.

Apart from these groups there is one more group, called office friend (Group where you can crib about anything to everything... Even about your desperation to have a girl friend.). These creatures have the least number of topics to discuss. For me I end up talking about table tennis, new gals employee, so called chicks, MBA college, disputes and problems within team and manager, Daaru parties and some time trying out plans to explore places around Bangalore.

All these discussions are quite exciting and ice breaking in itself. These tea breaks add lot more different flavors to the boring office life and this is the reason we Indians love them most.

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  1. Sure, they are fun, and interesting and happening. :) You get to know what others are saying behind your back.