Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old time: Doordarshan

Now on television there are lots of reality shows, thriller shows, normal saas bahu programs and many other junk shows. But this was not similar 20 years back. Earlier, either when television was not so developed or when few channels were on air, there was less scope of throwing junk at the audience. In that era, in spite of having lesser amount of air time, diverse genre were telecasted.

Until Zee TV had not reached the rural junta, we were fond of DD1, or in other words we were dependent of DD1. On DD I was fond of few specific programs. I think Sunday was my favourite day. I used to watch programs through out the day.

Every Sunday morning 7.15 Rangoli used to cover all latest and classic songs. Once Rangoli was over we were asked to take bath and have breakfast. Once done it was time for chadrakanta, a story of princess deeply in love with the prince of Vijaygarh. DD had pulled out the telecast before completing the series, so I never come across the end of this series. After chandrakanta it was time for Indian superhero Shaktiman, who used to fight with evils to save the world from dark. Malgudi days, an awesome treat to watch, used to follow it. Then few more interesting mythological, and classic shows were telecasted back to back. At 1PM DD used to telecast NEWS for deaf and dumb people. After a while it was time for Shammy Kapoor or Amitabh's movie. Ending time of the movie  used to clash with our playing time, but with little coordination of the friends we used to watch weeping sequence or action sequence of the movie. Once back from most important work, we were again infront of TV searching clues of murder mystry with Mr Vyomkesh Bakshi, who used to solve every non socialistic mystery with his extra ordinary mind. This was general routine for Sunday excluding inevitable last time changes.

Apart from Sunday's telecast there were few big shows on DD. Shanti was my one among my favourites, watching Mandira Bedi fighting with world for her rights was treat to my aunts and me. If I remember Mohan Kapoor's Office-Office series was also started from DD. Few programs which I can not really remember were also in my must watch list and I used to enjoy big time.

As with time things changes and people get to know more about world. Same happened with us. Zee was introduced on our cable. Zee replaced DD and things changed. Now rangoli was replaced with Top 10 with additional spice. Ramayan was more idealistic so Zee chose Krishna to idealize and other things were changed. Zee also brought different variety. Hum Panch, story of husband stuck between one wife hanged on wall and other on neck and father of 5 female monsters, was always enjoyable. Then I do not remember much apart from one that I always wanted to see and could not ever watch on TV.

First horror show, in the history of Indian television, Zee Horror Show was introduced. I used to hear a lot about it from people in my school. They used to talk about the story and thrill of the horror. I myself decided to have a look on the show. I prepared myself to watch the show with whole family as it was famous in my family as well. The show used to start with the cat's voice. That was it. I heard the sound of cat and never ever watched Zee horror show. I was so frightened that it took almost 2 hours to settle my nerves down. After almost 16 years I watched few episodes of it on youtube and found out how silly i was to get so scared with such an idiotic and childish horror.

Anyways law also forbid to punish a minor, so as I forgiven myself for such a childish act. But that television era has left permanent spots in memory which are not yet faded a little and I do not think they will fade down further.


  1. Nice one... and let me tell you, I still watch rangoli every sunday morning!! it is as adorable as it was.... :) Sad part is that DD could not compete in quality or in technology with the other cable hindi channels.. But yes, I think it still manages to get some patron viewers like us!

  2. you missed many shows..
    'Circus', 'Fauzi'
    'Surabhi' - A great show by the way

    I also might have missed a few..

  3. @Divya It is quite a long time when I paused at DD1. As you said other channels have gained huge lead in terms of technology and quality. But DD NEWS still rocks. As far as rangoli concern I am sure current rangoli is not as great as it was in 90's.

    @Kunnu Yes man there are lot of shows that I could not remember. But if I remember correctly swabhiman was never showed on DD1.

  4. Oh, Rangoli is still being aired? I didn't know that.

    Yeah, I liked Jungle book, Alif Laila, Shaktiman. And I loved "Chutti Chutti" if you can remember.

    @Vishal: You liked Shaanti? Ah, That was a torture for me. Hehehe

    But yeah, these days we have so many choices, and so many crap programs, that I think TV has lost it's place to the Internet and Youtube.

  5. @psycho I just missed those episode. Those were one among must watch... :)
    Yeah I used to like shanti as i neither had a choice nor remote in my hand...

  6. U missed duck tales, tales pin, chip & Dale. I still listen to the opening songs of chip and Dale. DD2 shows