Friday, December 31, 2010

B Bye 2010 Hi 2011

Countdown for the Year 2011 has begun and sooner we all will change calenders. Our laptops will display 2011 as current year. Was 2010 not a long year?

For me yeah it was tiring and long. Lot of things, lot of expectations, targets were either achieved or removed from the bucket list.

Most importantly "Conquer CAT - Bell the CAT" was removed from my list in 2010. Though It was almost removed in 2009 but my friend compelled me to try it once more but I did not feel CAT's addition burden in 2010.

As a part of my main achievements, I moved back to North( :( :( ). After long discussions, chats and expert opinions I choose to move to north (Few friends told me that my destiny is NCR then why to delay it more). Yeah, Yeah I got good hikes and all and now I am all set in Noida. I might have achieved chota mota chisen but this is the most important thing I could remember.

I did not fail in anything yet ( :) :) ). Okay for the facts, even if I have; I have recompiled my task list and added the task at the end of it.

2011, I have a lot of things in my bag. First, get layout plans for home, build it (My dad has told me, he wont do anything now it is my responsibility. N I have told him to sit down and enjoy the freedom). Next is to find a awesome partner from an unsuitable batch (Assuming those chicks :) will screw me). Okay lets say done.... Then marry soon... And if these tasks are completed by the End of March, one more task will be appended to my 2011 list ( :(:( ) .

Chalo koi na, abhi ke liye bas itna hi... Now will come back here next year only.. Vese what are your plans to enjoy new year? I am sitting on my laptop and talking/chatting idiots like me(Psycho right now)...



  1. Hmmm, Well, CAT was the biggest burden I guess. And the super Bomb burden is already added to your list.

    2011 for you, is certainly gonna be eventful :) Enjoy.

    A very Happy New Year.

  2. The year ended on a disappointing note. Mumbai and Goa plans shelved. Kismat mein nahi tha. Hoping for a better 2011. All the best to you.