Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some classic movies from my past

Today me and my roommate were discussing classic old Bollywood flicks. I do not remember how did we start the discussion but we ended up counting n number of great movies. Due to perishable brain memory I could recall only a few. These recalled movies are always fresh in my memories so I dint have to stress much to remember them back. Among these movies a few changed the momentum and Bollywood trend, a few were edited and acted exceptionally well and the magic these movies created was not ever recreated in any other movie, a few were greatest dose of laughter, a few were great emotional drama and a few were just simple enough to watch and enjoy.

A Few of the flicks, that I could remember yet, were the following.

Anand - This was the first to strike to my mind. Melodious songs, awesome theme and superb acting of tragedy king were awesome features of the movie. There were moments in the movie which were memorable and touching and those moments are still fresh in memories.

Chupke-Chupke - Baap of all comedy movies. You can watch this movie n number of times and can laugh on the same dialogue again n again. Apart from that Darmendra dint use his pet words "KUTTE MEIN TERA KHOON PI JAUNGA".

Andaj Apna Apna - Wow, one more to compete with Chupke-Chupke. I think this was Salman's best onscreen performance ever and Aamir's one among best performances.

Sholey - There was basanti, there was drama, it had action and it had love. Was there something which was not part of the the movie? Epic of all time. Gabbar sequences, Darmendra water tank drama, holi songs and amitabh's coin have not staled yet.

Golmal - Amol Palekar, what an actor he is? His acting had spread magic in the movie. Watch anytime, you will enjoy every part of it. I feel Palekar dint receive what he deserved...

Jane Bhi Do Yaron - It was best Dropadi cheer haran. Another great comedy to watch anytime either of TV or laptop.

Dosti - This is my personal best from my childhood. This movie has very settled story line. 2 friends, one blind(Mohan) other PH with leg(Ramnath) are on Indian roads begging for living. All of the sudden one teacher finds one guy intelligent and teacher's philanthropy injects venom in friendship and with that movie speeds up to end happily after few events.

I barely recall other movies now but there are many more which changed the Bollywood movie tracks and were the blockbusters of past and are the blockbusters of present

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  1. Hmm, Nice mentions of some really enjoyable movies.

    Some more:
    1. QSQT
    2. Maine Pyaar Kiya