Saturday, January 15, 2011

Australian Open - Rivalry continues

It is January 15, 2011 and the Australian Open will be starting just in 2 days i.e. January 17. First grand slam of ATP tour begins a new year of grand slams for each individual tennis player and another fun filled year for tennis lovers.

Australian open for a tennis player is similar to a Shankhnaad for a warrior. In Melbourne each player gives his best shot to win a match contesting best of 5 sets. As each player has to battle out at least 3 sets, against some one who is among top 100 players, it increases the intensity of match and tests the endeavour and stamina of an individual. As this outcome of this battle affects lot other individuals (Followers, Supporters and family), it really tests mental strength of the player. Indian tennis stars, Sania Mirza and Somdevberman, are living under such mental burden.

Each individual player starts his tour with a specific goal. A few players try to enhance their existing ranking by the end of year, where as few target just the rounds of Slam and for few it is the matter of their reputation and rivalry. For a person who lived his life as a king is now fighting to reclaim his crown, where as the person who ousted the king, is to battle out to prove the unworthiness of previous king.

Next two weeks will feature tennis at its best. Players who could knock the door but could not win, Murrey and Soderling, are hungry to achieve their first. Whereas kids who could win only once, Potro and Navak, have lot to prove yet. But again everyone is looking for a clash of titans. When these two titans meet in final, it increases the intensity and competition to seventh sky and environment of the court is enigmatic enough to explode nerves of a high blood pressure patients.

Rivalry between these gentlemen is not new for tennis. Every great has come across such rivals in his career. Pete Sampras faced Agassi, Borg was against Mcenroe. But both Fedx and Nadal are contenders of greatest of all time and this fact tells why matches between them are more ferocious and entertaining than matches in past. Though I want to see Federer winning but not before another great game of rivalry.

But we are forgetting few folks who have potential to spoil the treat. In this era of these two great players we have ignored few other good players. So it is not totally impossible to see final featuring none or one among Roger and Nadal. Roger will fight with Navak whereas Nadal will face Soderling and Murrey, before securing their place in final.

In the aura of great and good players it is possible to see upsets and As Paul, the octopus, has already died, it is not possible to predict the future so easily, So lets wait and watch the game of tennis.


  1. Although I don't follow tennis much, but I would love to watch the semi-finals and the finals if I get time. Best of luck for your fav players.

  2. @Bibek Watch it, You will also follow...

  3. yo.. Australian Open is back.. !! Rightly said.. Clash of the Titans :).. I'm waiting too.. From today's match it seems like Fedex is rocking.. lets see how it goes..

    and ya.. really.. do you think we follow players more than the game.. LOL.. but ya great players, like Sachin, Fedex, Nadal have so much effect on the game.. they get new followers for the game too :)

  4. @Ashish Lets not conclude Federer's form based on the first round performance. Though Fedex can beat anyone but it is vice-verse true as well...
    Yeah primarily in every game we follow a player not the game. I started tennis just to see Federer's game and now I love it. Yeah great players bring lot other fans to the game

  5. Federer is the king. I would love to see him win..again!