Friday, February 4, 2011

Enjoying Ubuntu time

For past couple of month, I am using Ubuntu, which has provided experience of windows GUI@Linux features.

I had been planning to move on Linux for past 3 years but ease of work@Windows had been stopping me to pain my a**. But with time my machine's aged (Who said only living creatures age? ) and its output decreased. With machines performance, first windows sobbed, then it cried and finally I wept :( . Microsoft Vista was not able to open IE in 5-7 seconds. Horrible :( :(... Whom should I pass my condolences? Me, whose endurance was tested by Microsoft, or Microsoft who lost one loyal.

Finally I installed UBuntu, most safest and tested version of Linux. My transition from Microsoft to Ubuntu was smooth enough. Thanks to Linux and Open source community, who have made Linux viable for common people. I was pretty confident about my working skills on Linux. How? Dude, I am computer science grad, I had worked on Unix for whole 30 hours i mean 1800 minutes@college. I was all set.

Everything is fast, smooth and easy. It used to take 10 minutes to start my windows where as Ubuntu starts in 10 seconds. Impressive, is not it? Everything is available for free. Whether it is a software for programming, gaming, searching, Internet, and what not, it is available. Along with that I am loving black terminal to type cp, mv, ps -ef, ls, ls -l and other command which is not known to window users, Hmmm achievement, can I boost these commands in office?

With time I realized things are not as simple and smooth as I was expecting them. In other terms my learning was started even before I could enjoy this transition. Every day I encounter a new issue and I have to solve them on priority basis. But With times my problems are reducing and my Linux addiction is increasing.

With Linux I have an opportunity to delve into new things and areas, So I am trying to get best out of this migration and At the end of the day, I am happy to switch to Linux. My plan for future is to throw windows away from my laptop. Come guys, Lets make world Window free :) :).

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  1. Well, we re power users, and every OS is not self sufficient for users like us. So, obviously, you will need a lot of learning here as well. Enjoy mate :)