Friday, February 18, 2011

Need help??? People are here to help

At the beginning of NCR life, lot of things were either difficult or confusing to understand. One among such things was Metro travel. Though Metro has reduced Traveling chaos in NCR but it is little confusing for a guy who is new to Metro System. At the start I had traveled miles more than required, got down at wrong stations and boarded opposite direction trains. One such confusing day, I was traveling in Metro. Though path was repeated number of times to me but I was not still sure if I had grasped all the instructions. So in middle of journey I thought of confirming if I have boarded the right train and I fired a question in Air. "Noida Sector 62 ke liye kaise jana hai?" (How can I reach to Noida Sector 62?).

What the hell man, I did not ask anyone and according to my prior experiences people had stared at me as though I was talking to ghosts and aliens. As soon as I realized my mistake, I tried regaining my lost reputation. But as though it was not required, I heard a voice.

One aged man heard my questions and suggested me the path. He told "Beta, tum to ulti direction mein aa gaye ho, Agle Station par utar jana, vahan se rajiv chawk vapis jakar, upar chale jana aur vahan se Noida city center ki metro mein baith jana". (Get down at next stop, return to Rajiv Chawk and from Rajiv Chawk take a blue line metro to Noida city center").

Another socialite person, who wanted to help but missed opportunity with fraction of second, pitched in. Instead of repeating same words he used his refined English dictionary. "Dude, you need to get down at next stop and catch a metro to reach CP (Me thinking: CP, CP, CP, Oops may be some Common Platform?). From CP you should board Blue Line metro which will end at Noida City Center. After coming out of station you can hire an auto to reach Sector 62".

As soon as MR gentle man stopped one more guy, who was little lazy in previous two instances, started "Nahi nahi, vahan se personal auto karne ki koi jarurat nahi, shared auto ten rs mein pahuncha denge sector 62. (No need to hire a private vehicle, you can catch a shared auto and reach to sector 62 just in ten rs."). It triggered an unhealthy discussion on important topic "Should I hire an auto or not?". After five minutes of discussion I figured out "I have to get down at Next station".

This is general tendency in North. Here people are waiting to unrest face muscles where as solving issues are less important than debating on them.

Whereas in southern part of India such things are tackled in different manner. One such incident happened just few days back.

I was looking for new job and some of my interviewing organizations were situated in less populated and less known areas. One such tiring day, I was able to locate the area but it was nearly impossible to find the building with the directions given. There were not much hustle bustle. One aged man was walking in front of me and he was the only hope to me. As per my best etiquattes I fired my question in air but loud call dint make any effect to the old man(No No, he dint have any hearing Aids). Disappointed me, walked little faster and reached to him.

I said "Excuse me sir?" Now this guy stopped and gave me a puzzled look (Hmmm, North Indianaaaa...). "Sir Do you know where is RMZ tech icon?" He stared at me as I was speaking in chinease.
He said "Englishaaa, English illa. Kannada, Tamil or Telugu?"(I do not know English, do you know Telugu, Kannada, Tamil?)
I replied "Kannada, Tamil, Telugu gotilla (I do not know Tamil, Telugu and Kannada...)"
He said "gotilla, Kannada... u illa Kannada".(Gottila is kannada word, how can you say, you dont know kannada?)
I said "I know only Gotilla, Hindi ati hain kya aapko? (I just know gottila, Do you know Hindi)."
He said "Hindi Kunchum Kunchum"
Oops, I was not interested to know tollywood actors names.
I said "No sir, Do you know Hindi?"
He said "Han, Hindi Kunchum Kunchum"
I said "What Kunchum Kunchuma?"
Now he used sign language to suggest me he knows Hindi a little. (Kunchum means a little in Sanskrit and in other south Indian languages).

I asked if he knew building. He did not have any clue about it but he took ample time to consult few more folks before sending me in building's opposite direction. He helped but it costed me a walk to remember.

But never mind, parts of India does not matter people help. Few replies on call whereas few catches and respond. North to South, everyone of us has same Indian heart and I am proud of this.


  1. RMZ tech Icon, ARIBA ja rahe the kya ??? Yaar fir to sahi kiya na us old man ne , opposite direction mein bhej ke. You should thank him.
    ~ Vishal Gupta

  2. we always help. We are a country of help-ers. Isnt it?

  3. @Vishal Han Yaar sahi mein vahin ja raha tha.
    @Kunal Help-ers hmmm Interesting.. never thought of it