Sunday, February 6, 2011

Movies which impact.

Just now I finished watching No One Killed Jessica. Movie is based on a sequence of real life events. Jessica, a model who was killed in a high society party by minister's son, was denied the justice first and later due to Media interruption case was reopened and spoiled son was sent to prison.

As a reviewer I would say, Both the stars(Rani and Vidhya) acted well, things were dramatized but not over, female protagonists used more slang than required, and English was overly used overlooking common men who have a couple of words in their English. But beside all these facts movie was worth to invest my two hours in it. At times I was totally into movie, into conversations, into its dialogues. Apart from few junctions director moved the story pretty well. Both the actor did justice to their roles.

When a movie is spiced up, you can go, watch, eat and return to home without scratching your head. Whereas when a movie raises concerns, points out issues and suggests changes, which relates to either us or system or environment, then those concerns, issues and changes make us to brainstorm for unanswerable questions. Yeah well, people come out of such movies without bringing those demons out of theater hall but for me leaving those takes ample time.

In the past, Bollywood has really moved. It has produced number of movies which were not left while coming out theater. Welcome to Sajjanpur, Rang De Basanti, Wel done Abba, Black Friday, Rann, Striker, Love Sex aur Dhokha, City of Gold, Rajneeti, Red Alert: The War Within, Lamhaa, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Peepli Live, Do Dooni Chaar, Firaaq and many other movies in last two or three years which took social enigma at the center stage and tried pointing out problems in different manners. Either they have taken the comedy route, serious tone or dramatized form of problem but all of them posed questions about society and system to us.

Welcome to Sajjanpur is based on rural social issues, which narrates the difference among various social segments and people. Rang De Basanti, is all about youth who want a change but change came at the cost of their own lives. Well done abba is about corruption in rural India. Black Friday, Story of burning Mumbai and its inhabitants after 1993 bomb blasts. Rann exposes a corrupt Media institution which creates and manipulates the news. Striker screens the changes in life of a player after riots in Bombay. City of Gold narrates the story of corrupt ministers and their relation with gangsters based in Maharastra. Each of these above mentioned movies were not just two people story or a family drama but these were screening sufferings, corruption, social problems and lot more.

No one killed Jessica posted lot of question to analyze. May it be Media involvement or ways, adopted in judiciary system, or process, followed by investigations agencies, or corrupt politicians or involvement, from us, weakening the roots of India's infrastructure. All of us to either try to save our burning asses or try to make from burning someone else back.

If we talk about Media involvement in Jessica murder case, as depicted in the movie, they were not even concerned about the proceedings of the case. Once the case was closed, then one journalist saw it as a high-profile case and an opportunity to prove his/her skills.

Was this right to check the case once it was closed? Can a journalist be so obsessed with own decision that they ignore everything related to it? Do not journalists go through the News Paper everyday? Was the case picked to get the revenue as there were not much more in kitty?

Does not judiciary think there are lot of changes are required in the trial process? Is not there any committee to audit cases where the judgments were changed at the later point of time?

Even investigations were not to its best. Lot of things were captured(audio which was used later in Jessica's case) but was not shown in court even by investigating lead police official. Why?

There are more questions posed to us. Were not we(Common Man) aware about circumstances of trial but no one reacted until someone like media reacted. Do we always need wake up call? Eye witness became hostile under the power. Do not we people got some instinct which can suggests what to react?

I know all these questions will be pushed back in my mind in few days and I am not sure do I genuinely need answers. I am little confused if I know the answer. Tough to get all answers and tough to take actions for improving methods and processes in corrupt Indian systems and hoping some day things will change and Bollywood directors, writers have to think out of the blue to write such engrossing stories.

PS: Thanks for bearing for such a long time.

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  1. Movies do have the power to stir and shake the minds of people...But, it is more just a means of escapism and entertainment..
    Inspire and will be a deadly combo...Real life is full of stories..of real people who have punched above their weights..and of events which can inspire people around.
    However, I think, that instead of waiting for a movie that inspire us or make us think, we should be morally and internally aware of things and speak and take actions and not just be a dump more often than not...we do...just because..'those are not happening with us'