Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunset and Sunrise

We two were sitting on rock. Our hearts were pounding and were heard to one another but distance between these two hearts was zillions light years away. Our shadows were long and 2 inches distance was increased to couple of feet by the setting sun. There were not any words between us. We were just staring at something or nothing. Passion and love between us were washed away by mistrust and usual fights

Sunset view at Chandrashila Peak
There was chirping of birds, sound of wind and trill of grass but there was not any humane intervention. It was dusk and sun was going to disappear in some time. Radiance of its light has made the blue sky look reddish. It's rays were keeping the wind warm but mountains were trying to shiver the body. Everything was clear and visible. There was not any noise, there was not any pollution and there was not any person except we two with gloominess in hearts and invisible tears in eyes. Everything was serene but silent and heart breaking. There was not any respite for us in Himalayas as well

A “Sorry” echoed. I was still staring at the setting sun but she looked at me. Though the sun was gloomy but it wanted to tell me something. Though there was silence but it brought storm of thoughts. Though it was cold but it multiplied the warmth for my wife at that very moment.

She stared hard and tried to say something but she choked and sobbed. I saw tears rolling down from her eyes. I heard her crying. I stretched and took her into my arms.

We two were on our last trip before divorce. We were in love for last 10 years but a misunderstanding had brought us on the verge of separation. Amidst all this chaos, we planned a trip to Himalayas and planned to travel to Tungnath. At this very moment, we were sitting at Chadrashila peak which was 13500 feet above sea level and were kissing each other passionately. She was trying to say something but everything was said and told by overflowing stream of tears.

Apart from one and only “Sorry” nothing was said and told. There were not any questions, answers and clarifications. We climbed down the peak holding each other's hands. Sun had already gone behind the mountains leaving darkness to us and after thanking god, doors of our room were closed whereas doors of our hearts re-opened for each other. The complete night was spent in passion.

Sun began to unravel its brightness and We started climbing the peak to see the radiance and brightness of the new sun. It was coming up slowly but every next moment it was more beautiful, brighter and happier. Every next moment, its rays were covering more ground. Within some time it cherished the earth with rays and it cherished us with joy, happiness and light.
Sunrise View at Chandrashila
We sat there on the peak, keeping her shoulder on my shoulder and holding her hands in my hands, without speaking any words. From a far distant I heard voice of singing maestro Mohammad Rafi singing “Oh Sathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena…”. We remained silent and enjoyed the fading voice.


  1. Touching story... I am sure it's not yours... Fiction? Or reality? But the concept is amazing. :) You could help someone in such a situation.

    1. It is surely a fiction, but it never be a solution for a couple in trouble... :-)