Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Diwali 2012

So it is time to celebrate Diwali, the biggest north Indian Hindu festival. Except the mythological essence of the festival, it has significant importance in our life. Reunion of friends, families, shopping, decoration, cleaning, hopes, wishes, and love within families are few examples of such significant matters that are associated to the common man.

On this day, hundreds of small lamps will illuminate every street in every city. Hundreds of traditional oil lamps and hundreds of electric bulbs will enlighten every house in the street. No street, house, and place will remain dark today. Apart from decorating houses with lamps, every house will certainly have a Rangoli drawn with different colors and decorated with twinkling lamps.

This day, most of us, will visit the market from one end to another and wish Diwali’s best wishes to everyone either known or unknown. We will visit our friends who did not get time to meet us after last Diwali. It will be the perfect time to visit their houses and have some sweets (I love sweets) which are served as part of the traditions.

With our families, we will worship goddess Lakshmi, and god Ganesh. We will ask goddess to visit our house and shower money on us. Lakshmi visits every house this day, decides which house is decorated best, and stays in such a beautiful house for eternity. Chanting and praying will stop after an hour, after that we will be free to demonstrate the power of bombs we bought last night.

All the kids will first start with the loudest bomb, then as soon as louder bombs finish we move to bombs and crackers that last little longer. Ladies burst more trivial crackers. Though there is noise from different directions, but everyone seems to like the noise and pollution on Diwali.

I love everything about Diwali. Whether it is cleaning and dusting, or it is decoration, or it is meeting with friends, or it is worshipping, or it is cracking the crackers everything is charming, and cheerful. Though I have not brought any crackers yet, but I will get them soon. Hope you all will enjoy your Diwali as much.

Wish you, and your family a great, and prosperous Diwali!!!!!!!

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