Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who are you?

If someone asks you to introduce yourself in the group of 10 people, your introduction differs based on the purpose, and the members of the group. But how would you answer, "Who are you?".

You are sitting in the office with 50 colleagues in a presentation. Presenter stops all of a sudden, and asks you, "Who are you?".

You will merely have time to think and respond to such a simple, but weird question. My crude answer will be, "I am Vishal Jain.". Oh wow! that's all. Will my name define me completely? I do not think so. I am much more than merely the name. But then why I didn't consider anything worthy enough to associate with myself at that moment. So in my opinion, this question needs a delicate and much refined answer.

This question was asked to different people. Presenter asked this question to the first person; he answered, "I am a human being". Presenter asked the question repeatedly, and this guy told few of his behavioral characteristics, before running out of them.

In the same manner another person was interrogated. This guy told his professional achievements to answer it. Third person answered it with his personal information. Though neither question, nor participants, nor listener changed, but none of the answers were satisfactory, and complete.

So how would like to answer such a simple question? We do not ever think of answering this question in life time. So why don't you take some time and tell me that "Who are you?".


  1. Hmmm... Thats a rather rude question to ask actually, depending on the tone. I would answer, "Who the hell are YOU to ask me that question." :D

    1. Yeah, I could have replied you back... Tera Baap...

      But I do not think I am was concerned about the tone. I was talking about introspection, and different ways to define yourself... When asked to define us, we speak 2-3 sentences and stop. We never tried to look deeper and find a stream of world to define our character.