Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Buck up, You got enough to face

We have sold our hopes to God.
We have sold our expectation to God.
We have sold our Goals to God.

He is building the chaos,
and yet we are part of it.
He is breaking things, 
and yet we are enjoying it. 
He can hurt the whole,
and yet we are hoping something out of it.
Then sometime we say
Why can not he stop making things?
Why can not he stop choosing things?
Why can not he stop breaking those chosen things?

and we feel that he isn't perfect.
He is some human who is enjoying the experiments.
He is some devil who is breaking the things.
He is some god who is making few broken things beautiful.

He is not gonna help us,
But He tells us, wake up you sneaky bastards.

I am enjoying your hopes,
but I am retarded with such hopes.
I am creating beautiful things,
But I am burdened with your singing.
I am managing the whole universe,
But I am overworked while managing each of you.

Buck up.
I have given you enough strength to fight.
I have given you plenty of mind to try.
I have give you plenty of things to make world right.

Let me rest, I am tired and stressed. I am tired and Stressed.

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