Friday, November 1, 2013

Diwali 2013

Here comes another Diwali. Another day of celebrations, excitements, noise, light and joy. A lot has been changed over last one year in my life and my family's life. These changes are long lasting impact. This Diwali set a tone for coming life or better say we are entering in new phase of our life.
Office Celebrations
I am getting married on Nov 18th and my brother is getting married on Nov 30th. So Papa has got some relief that his sons are normal and they like girls only. Start of this year has brought lot of tensions, discussions, and other unrealistic situation in life. For the complete years tension clouds kept us in grey light. There were problems, discussion, problems, and discussion. But solution were not so near.

Sweet flowers.
But now all the solutions are there and me and my whole family is going to step into the new phase of life.

Hope every Diwali bring such JOY and HAPPINESS to each and every family in the world.

The Rangoli@Office
I wish all of you a great happy Diwali.

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