Thursday, November 27, 2014

Solution to Boredom

This blog has been inactive for a long long time. Since I have married, I have left writing, reading, and sharing. I would not blame my wife or my life for this. It is just that I have stopped caring about my writing skills.

Answer is clear and crisp, I am not preparing for CAT anymore.

Hell!!! Why the hell I am writing today?
Oh today. I could not find any thing to do. I do not have much work. I want to work on my site, but I can not work on my site as it is not possible to the site from office network. Though I tried staying updated with Quora, but it is neither helping.

Quora... What the hell is quora?
Oh, that's stupid. Do not you know quora yet. I can not believe you. Quora is community of people who do not poke into others business until unless someone asks them to poke. It is a community of higher intelligent people who love to share, read, and write for people.

On quora, you will find loads of stuff that will keep you energized. You will wander in history with some answers, some answers in finance will amaze you, some will clear your doubts in sports, and everything possible on earth is shared here. I just love the site.

After reading the question on quora, you can brag it infront of people who are still part of IT but that technological savvy. You will be like a demigod of knowledge to them. Ha ha ha... Reading and writing on quora is fun.

Then what is my problem today?
I just don't want to read a lot and become god from demigod. As it is said that lot of knowledge is also harmful to the mind. He he... It is not the right reason. I just don't want to do anything. I just to bore someone as much as I am right now.

So here I am boring you and endorsing quora. My latest passion.


  1. Hahaha. How can you spend so much time on Quora!!! I agree, it's like Youtube. You start watching a science video, and after 30 minutes, you would have watched at-least 20 videos from random categories. And 5 of them, you would have already watched them before.

    Same is the case with Quora. It's like wasting your time. And their email digest which you get in the morning is very carefully curated. You can't help but click on that. But, according to me, it's just a time pass, and those questions/answers don't really have any impact on me (That's me :) Might be different for you though.)

    Anyway, when you are bored, you will obviously do some random unwanted stuff, especially when you can't do the thing which you actually want to do. :D Makes sense?

  2. Actually no... I am new to Quora.. So there are lot of questions and answers which really make sense to me. It not only increases my knowledge but also gives me the power to think beyond my imaginations.

    Yes, it is really addictive and sucks lot of time, and most of time you can not really help it.

    Yes, It does not let me concentrate on my work and screw up lot of time.