Friday, December 5, 2014


There is been lot of work around but the intention and efforts are not to the mark.

There is list of things that I would love to do, but I feel lazy to complete this. Though same thing does not apply when I am writing this here on the web and boring people who are really waiting for me to write some sensible stuff.

I am sure my friend Bibek would surely love a sensible stuff from my pen but I can not control. As I am neither an innovator nor a writer. Now a days, I am dropping by here to drop my brain's shit over here.

Anyway let me list down the task that I should have completed instead of writing this post.

1. Complete the design of my site.
2. Create the required package on launch.
3. Read Google Map API.
4. Understand Pagination and create pagination for the site.
5. Create Mobile Web page for the site.
6. Create mobile application on all 3 platforms.
7.  Learn Photoshop.
8. how to sort the packages on various factors.
9. Filters - Phase 2
10. Improve the design.
11. Create Holiday Type Logos.
12. Improve the database to introduce the multiple tags in the package.

I know, I know I am procrastinating, but I have uncontrollable itch of doing something but nothing sensible.

Shit, all in all I have listed something sensible in this post. Someone please help on these items. I will appreciate your time and efforts on this. ;-)

Okay I remember more.
13. Special Offer page and database set up for marketing.
14. Newsletter.
15. Maintain a blog for the site and update continuous information on this.

I will update it more and more as it has become a important blog for me now.
Keep writing.

Edit: Test the application with Multiple browsers and multiple screens.

EDIT 2: Provide web service interface so that all applications can access it.
EDIT 3: Securing URL and DB.

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