Monday, December 15, 2014

Is India Changing - A Quora post

There are lot of questions and answers posted everyday on quora, but there are very few new questions which inspire a person whereas there are numerous questions put up in the past which have awesome answers and stories.

I read one such question today. Question is quite simple. Is India changing? From core of my heart, I can say yes India is changing, we people of India are changing. This, in theory, is correct, but, for me, it is very difficult to demonstrate such changes with data. The answers mentioned below demonstrate the data. As much I read, I became followers of the authors or people who have been doing such splendid things to shine our nation and paint it with better and stronger colors.

There are approximately 333 answers as of now, and each one has it's own tale to share with all. There are people who have written so many great stories about their experiences. Whether it is a Rickshaw wala, or some volunteer, all of them have a passion to change our world, our experience, our passion, and everything that looked shitty earlier.

Among those many beautiful answers, one answer is about procuring food for needy people. 

In Delhi, An organization, consisting few volunteers, has tied up with different restaurants to provide the day's remaining food instead throwing it for dogs or in dustbins. All the volunteers, belonging to the organization, distribute this food to people who are homeless and needy. This organization has been growing everyday with the help of companies and restaurants. Various restaurants are coming up to help them more and providing them additional help from their side. There are 50+ volunteers who are serving at least 500 people everyday in the streets. If numbers of volunteers are increased, so they would be able to serve more number of people.

This organization is working for a noble cause, and we must support it by volunteering. Even if you do not want to volunteer, at least you can contribute in some other ways. The best possible way is to distribute remaining food at your house. Instead of throwing remaining food in dustbin, you can walk a bit and find someone who really needs that food.Wow, it is such a small contribution and it will help humanity.

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