Thursday, December 18, 2014

Excess is Drug

You are sitting in toilet, and you do not want to leave the toilet even you are finished long back. You are riding in an auto but you want it to keep moving at your destination. You do not want to go to office because office is not as interesting. You do not want to see the world even for a second because obstructing the flow is not acceptable.

Sometime some good books bind you so hard that it becomes difficult to come out the world that though does not exist but created wonderfully enough to miss your entire universe. It feels that you have been bitten by a worm, but you do not want to attend the wound at this moment because the writer has penned down a flawless conversation between the two main characters for her book. The conversation is so striking that you forget whether you are watching a video or imagining the sequence. Such books hurt you a lot especially when you are married.

No? If you are asking "how or why", either you are a bachelor or you are not a reader. Oh, sometimes hell breaks out on you when you nod on something, from ever complaining wife, which you ignored due to your sheer concentration in the book. It is possible that as soon as you nod, you hear an object crashing on the nearby wall. If you are still not deterred with such a violent display of emotion, door bangs with such a force that it becomes impossible to ignore the heat.

You are forced to leave the world of literature to face another melodrama of your life. You have not yet recovered from the drama that you faced last week. You are still paying for it by offering various gifts to her. That is not all; I am still cleaning the utensil for the mistake I made last week.

I twisted the knob of the door with the intent of opening it, but I stopped by the thought of flying objects. I had saved my head last time by catching a flying object just before landing it on my head. As soon as I entered the room I heard that her sobbing was converted to a full time weeping. Tears were rolling down from her cheeks. I thought “Oh man, it is going to be costlier than all the other dramas faced previously”.

After consoling her for 23 minutes, I was able to dig down the reason for today's act. Actually I did not notice her new slippers that she brought today from the market. Even though she asked me thrice whether I like it, but instead lifting my face from the book, I simply nodded with no answer. To her It was a ridiculous act of ignorance from my side. She waited for me since morning to show me the slippers but I did not even look at her instead I sat with my book.

In the end, it was not as costly as I first thought. I had to sacrifice my reading for next 48 hours, appreciate her funny looking slippers and helped her in dinner.

Oh yeah, no such things happened with me. But when I sit with Atlas shrugged, and just loses myself in the words, conversations, characters, and plots. Everything becomes unimportant and black, that time such things can turn the heaven into hell. So whenever my wife speaks, I switch off the part of mind that was enjoying the book and switch on the other part for some time to enjoy the conversation with my wife.

So excess reading is like a drug too, it may not harm you physically but it will suck your energy in resolving issues with your family.


  1. Hahaha... Someday, soon, it will happen :D

  2. Hopefully it would not, because with every new day we learn the traits from each other, and start understanding the comfort of a person too. So all in all, life would streamline in some time.