Monday, December 8, 2014

Unique Ideas

Okay, there is one more in the line.

For years, I have been planting a seed of an idea which was spectacular and unique in nature. In the process, I pained myself lot of times. Whatever I thought, it was either available on net or not a selling idea. I spent years in IT industry just to dream of an unique idea related to IT. I walked into the spiral to catch my tail, but I could not find an idea.

After not able to pull a miracle of the universe, I was still not disappointed. It required little bit of head banging on the wall and required little more efforts to accept the fact that "you are not Steve Jobs".As soon as Mr Steve's soul departed from my body, I became independent; I became the original BANIYA again. I understood that I am a BANIYA by birth. I really do not need an exclusive idea to change the universe instead I need a exclusive plan to sell it to the world. I was taught to sell GHEE, BOORA, and GUD effectively. So I plan to sell something that is easy to sell and create. I did not want to sell GHEE, BOORA again (due to less margin :-) You know I am BANIYA ), so I picked up a line where my wife had some experience in past.

Oh Yeah, that's travelling. I love travelling. You give me some money and I will spend that in travel. I love to wander to different places. My wife, who was stuck at home due to less jobs in Delhi, has experience in sales in hotel. She is 5 year experience in Hotel industry. So it was not tough for me to thing about selling tours to people.

So instead of thinking of an great idea, I thought to invest in an idea which is extremely popular i.e. Tours. There are various which I am not aware but I have lot of friends to help me to remove those obstacle.

It's a start of my era and it is not going to end soon for me.

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