Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally Sterling met to its destiny

Few weeks back one colleague told me about the probability of sterling commerce's acquisition. But it was not possible for me to figure out the reason behind IBM's motto of buying and AT&T's intentions of selling. On the contrary it was my fear that ignored the facts which were strongly signaling the forthcoming unexpected changes.

Few weeks passed without any significant events. One such general day I reached office at my usual timings. There was something fishy in the environment. People were standing in groups and they were discussing something which was still unknown to me. As per the human nature my curiosity had already been reached to 100th time. I sat down, opened laptop, started outlook and read all the mails.

Oops I dint find anything unusual, Okay let me ask reason for such unexpected activities at the floor. My TL predicted the possibility of an announcement in the Sterling worldwide meeting which happens on last Friday of each month. Speculations were heating up, gossips were increasing and rumours were spreading. Though it was impossible to predict the flow of the events but to in line these events sterling pantry was filled with max possible groups.

Finally meeting started. The first shock, IBM big guns were accompanying Sterling's bosses. People were clueless and they were hushing. We all had idea and no one wanted to believe until the announcement was official. People were praying of an announcement about a business tie up with IBM.

Sooner or later dream were to be broken. Meeting started with Steven Auldts, VP Sterling commerce, who was anchoring the meeting. After his first few words, he showed the reality to the people and announced the merger (merger: Big fish eating small fish J ) of Sterling Commerce and IBM.

Oh I was Sterlite when I joined the meeting, and now I am an IBMer since I left the meeting.


  1. Oh, so now, from a Sterlite to on IBMian. Cool. Hey Kunal, welcome Vishal to your Organization. :)

  2. Hee hee hee, Kunal congratulations have been reached. He is so much ecstatic that he called me up to congratulate me over the phone...