Monday, June 7, 2010

Guhantra: WMS Official Party

Sterling is facing a liquidity crunch, which implies no more team parties for us with sterling money. So, burdon of arranging a party was on our recession hit pockets, which will surely burn a hole, if there is not one. In these dire conditions few enthusiastic people find reasons to impact economy more :(. Madhav is leaving and it is a tradition to arrange farewell for the parting person, so here is the reason :) :). 

After fierce and extensive discussions we booked Guhantra resort to spend out Friday evening. Guhantra ,which means inside the cave, has all the indoor activities inside the cave. Along with caves you should expect little more. You may expect few stones in Beach volleyball court, bulls-eye marked with chalks, unmanaged grass, lots of mosquitoes’, non ac dance floor, and 1KM bullock ride.
Entrance Cave

Guhantra entrance is one of about 100 meters long cave and which opens into a big nice auditorium. The auditorium has bar, dance floor, water fall, swimming pool filled with dirty water and food court. Besides, there are a few outdoor activities and one nice swimming pool. 

Me in Auditorium

After finishing the resort tour with our guide we started with beach volleyball. As we were all novice, so initially it was difficult to keep the ball in the court and due to enormous wide open area near the court, time spent to fetch the ball was more than time spent to play the game. With every passing minute, game matured and people started holding the ball in the court at least for 3-4 passes. After an hour drunkards became conscious of loosing time in unimportant activities (Drinking is only important activity to them) so the game halted. 

Starting days

Running to Fetch the ball

Waiting for Ball to come

Gins also ran too much to fetch the ball
Now it was time for short archery session. Here Ekesh topped the chart whereas Hari grabbed bottom position. For Hari, it took skilled advice from 3 persons and 10+ wasted shots to hit first correct shot. 

Ekesh the best in archery

Snacks included tea, pakora and philosophical discussion/gyan. After snacks, few of us marched toward pool and rest began the big daaru session. 

Pool water was clean and none other than us was there to spoil our party. From the group of 5 people 4 knew swimming. This time I was at the receiving end. Every skilled swimmer was trying to explore the fundamentals of swimming. I think though I could not learn it but I can surely write a book named "Learn swimming in 30 minutes". Having Beer in the pool was more fun. This fun session was called off for dinner session. 

Resting at Swimming pool
We reached the audi and to our astonishment there were some 20+ empty Beer bottles. I joined the party and started consuming Beer at much speed, to account for the lost time. At around 9 o'clock we started dancing on some songs. Dancing, Drinking Beer and eating Roti were the processes of one complete round and I completed such numerous rounds.

Party was due for an ending but people were not ready to leave(as if if they ever are!!). So it took some time to move people out. Finally all of us were there in respective cars.

I do not know what I told and said but believe me, I loved the feeling of getting out of senses though I do not want to repeat it as we all know precious things lose the charm if they are attained much number of time.


  1. Haha, I would say,a nice evening. Well, party on a friday, and it's well known that nobody wishes for it to get over.

    But, hey, watch out for the next Friday.

  2. Hee hee hee, I am planning to take an oath to avoid daaru party...

  3. nahi..please take no oath...take an oath never to take an oath.. it wont help will be the first one to come, when I throw a party :)

  4. When are you throwing a party? IBM throws you out of the country so frequently. :D

  5. "After an hour drunkards became conscious of loosing time in unimportant activities" bang on :D

    nice write up.. okok pics :P learn some photography from me :P

    aur saale tu pina kam karne wala tha naa ??

  6. Learning is a continuous process and I love learning. Though These pics are not taken by me, I took very few pics and I can see the difference.

    I am tried my best to keep daaru aside but people forced me to take a lil and lil became too much very soon.. And rest is history

  7. @Vishal Jain: learning is a continuous process, but it should be fast, shouldn't it? BTW please don't use eclipse for writing your blogs. I am sure you would be having MS Word installed on your laptop, please use that. :)

  8. It is not possible to put time constraints on learning... Learning entirely depends on intellectual and adaptation. Yeah It is a good suggestion but I will keep bugging you for some time more... :P