Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been in Bangalore for the past 4 years. Out of these four years, I spent almost 2 years 9 months just in one house. But after leaving my first house, I have not rested for a single day. Every day brings new NEWS consequently every NEWS turns into multiple tensions and every tension asks to make some undesired changes and As per the human nature it is not possible to adapt or accept those changes in such a short time span but I have tried accepting them rather you could say I am forced to accept them.

In past 15 months of my bangalore stay, I have seen five different locations of south Bangalore.

First location was kormangala, it was my first destination in Bangalore. Here in Kormangala I spent memorable moments of Bangalore. Then I had to leave this place for once and forever.

My second destination was Taverikeri. This place is most miserable place I have ever lived. Our flat was luxurious and most importantly owner of our own TT Table was the biggest luxury for all of us. But at the same time world outside was full of miseries. Stinky place, smelly lanes, busy roads and no restaurants were the few among its various fascinating features of this area. Here I stayed for 4-5 months. People started relocating to other cities hence their intercity relocations had caused my intra city relocation.

From Taverikeri I moved to Jaynagar 9th block. Jayanagar is a better place than Taverikeri. Big Bazar, Central Mall, market and all others amenities were on a walking distance from my house. I did not face any issue except few bedbugs. Some nights I had to wake up and stop donating my blood for these blood sucking bastards. Those Sundays, which were fixed for DEATH BY CHOCOLATE (Corner House - Jaynagar 9th Block.), are still in memories.

These sunny and happy days did not live long, and I moved to JP Nagar's forests. As it was a forest so everything was out of the accessible parameters. Whether it is restaurant or a shopping complex, none of them was near to our building. As my latest X-Room mate cum X-Colleague is moving out of Bangalore, it was mandatory to find a new place and new people.

Now I am residing in BTM Layout 2nd stage. Here house is good, everything is nearby and people do not look like leaving so Lets see how things go ahead.

It is been long and tiring journey for the last few months. It looks like my life has become a life of a NOMAD.


  1. Life at bangalore was pure fun. And it is still fun, when I am there.
    But still life of a nomad isnt that bad.. :)

  2. Dude,I must say your's english has improvized a lot :)..nice write up..Kudos Jain

  3. @Ritu Thanks man... It is just not my writing there are people who are involved in each and every blog... So I am the same but with little changes