Friday, October 26, 2012

Ghandhi's Ji about Beggers

Yesterday I was reading Gram Swaraj written by Bapu. In this book, Ghandhi has advocated about the self-independence of villages. He has stressed the idea of model villages, where each and every village is dependent on none other than itself. He has laid out some guidelines to make the village independent which are helpful in eradicating the existing problems in the society, and bring best character of the Indian villages.

Though he has dictated lot of problems and suggested solution to all such problems, but his stern stand against begging is quite surprising, but contradictory to my opinions.

Ghandhi has always stressed that everyone must be employed. In his opinion, a person must eat only after working for sufficient time and earning his food gracefully. Other means of getting food/eatables must not be accepted to society. As per Ghandhi begging is heinous crime, and the person who is supporting or assisting in begging is also partner in crime. As per him, any one should not give anything to a person who is healthy enough to earn his/her livelihood. Society leads itself to destruction by supporting or promoting such individuals.

According to him a society must not help physically handicaps. As per his views, it is government's responsibility to build houses/places to support such individuals. None, other than government, should take this task in their hands and interrupt someone else's work.

My Take/View
Ghandhi Ji was optimistic about Indian society, so he assumed that everyone would follow fundamentals of humanity, but even after 65 years of Indian independence people are still hungry and greedy. In current circumstances, it is really difficult to adapt these strict measures. When everyone wants to run from his task, then let society do something for humanity with the fear of God.

Anyway after reading Ghandiji's view, I will stop assisting any person who can work and earn, but I will not stop assisting other category of people.

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