Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movie Review: Barfii

Barfii, 2012
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor as Marfi, but mostly known as Burfee, Priyanka Chopra as Jhilmil and Ileana D'Cruz as Shruti Ghosh
Director: Anurag Basu who has directed Life in a metro, Kites, and other well acclaimed movies
Music by: Pritam
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Barfii is a romantic comedy, which unfolds the romance between a deaf and dumb guy, and an autistic girl. Murfi/Burfii falls in love with Shreya Ghosh, but their love story does not hold ground against social stigma. Due to uncharacteristic circumstances, Jhilmil, who is an autistic girl, starts developing emotions for him, and rest of the story revolves around the difficulties in their love.

Anurag, Ranbir, and Priyanka have excelled in their performances so much that their last best performances are forgettable. When Indian cinema is looking for renovation, at such critical time this movie fits perfectly into the old structure, and stamps unforgettable feelings into the mind of viewer.

Murfy, who lost his mom when we was born, is deaf and dumb, but full of life. He is quite popular in surrounding, and is known as Barfii. One rich girl, Shruti who is already engaged, comes to Darjeeling with her parents, and Burfii falls for her. Within sometime they both fall in love, but quite as usual they could not succeed to convince Shruti's parent. Life moves on. Due to father's illness Burfi has to abduct Jhilmil, an autistic girl and Barfii's childhood friend. Within sometime Jhilmil starts developing a feeling for Burfi. She starts believing in him, and finds a nice companion in him. Whereas Shruti was not yet finished. She is waiting for a miracle, which happens. Things start turning from this point, and take us to a ride of romance with comic scenes.

Ranbir has not got any chance to speak in this movie, but his performance as an actor must get him a national award. His mute act has put a star on his shoulders. Priyanka has done wonderful job this time. She has told her critiques that she has a potential, and industry must acknowledge it. Songs and music in the movie is soothing and praiseworthy. Pritam's work is brilliant, and his work adds one additional star to the movie's performance.

Direction of the movie is good apart from few places. At few places sequence was little loose and lengthy. Length of the movie was also little distracting for Hollywood savvy people. The director has moved in time so many frequently that it was little difficult to join the pieces, but all in all it is well directed and thought movie.

I loved the cinematography. Actually I loved each and every shot of the movie. It seems to me that every shot was taken with different angles, colors and motions to find best position of the camera. Shot's background never lost its charm even if actor was running, or walking in grass, or riding the bicycle. Viewer got a chance to view beautiful green Darjeeling in the most delicate way.

Apart from few glitches, I loved the movie a lot. There were moments which stuck to my mind and those moments would remain there for a long time.

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