Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pappu Ka Swayamvar

Pappu is my best friend since my school days. He always had crush on different girls at different times, but none of his crushes eyed him even once. Though these girls tormented, tortured, and pained him, but he never lost his hopes. He is still waiting for his perfect match, who can love him forever like a cow, who grazes grass 24*7 in an open field. Pappu will love her like a bull, who works 24*7. As Pappu is disappointed, so he has very important information to share with you all.

Hi Friends (Esp girls),

We always face problems to understand his, he who should not be named, wishes. Though his selected path does not suit us, but still we follow his path to save our asses from the mysterious electricity generated in the clouds. Now look at me, when I was desperate to fall in love with some girl, at that time he didn't create a single suitable girl for me. As if my love line, the most sensitive line on palm, got deleted while oiling my hairs.

Most of the times, I have seen these girls in my dreams talking about me. Oh babes, this man stinks. Let’s not go closer to him. But excuse me girls, I have used the same deodorant which made angles fall from the sky. How can I stink? You stupids! Have you not seen this advertisement yet? I was not brave enough to walk to them and force them to smell my deodorant, otherwise at least one or two girls would have dropped in my arms.

Oh no, he looks desperate. Let’s stay away from him. Desperate! are you out of your mind? Do not you see this awesome smile on my face?

I used to scream, cry, and plead with them to come closer and to embrace my dejected love, But these girls did not even pass a smile to me. An experienced man, even if he is married, was a preferable choice of boy friend over a fresh and energetic man like me.

Anyway after wandering in dejection for many years, I planned to stop my search for love. I pulled my strings and handed these strings to my parents. Probably parents are the best bet for children like us. Though I felt ashamed while delegating my responsibilities to them, but it increased my reputation in their mind. They were happy as their ward has not gone beyond the limitations imposed by monstrous society.

At the start, we received unbelievable number of responses which were quite unexpected to all of us. I didn't expect so many girls were dying to marry me, and their parents were waiting only for me. Though these girls didn't want show their love to me, but deep down inside they were in love with me. Lot of parents came and went. Few returned, but didn't revert back after hearing my Dad's demand. Very few, who returned again, gave me their daughter's numbers. Most of these girls loved my sense of humour, smartness, and intelligence, but due to inferiority complex their parents never tried to buzz my dad back.

With time I figured that there are very few girls who can match my caliber, and these girls have not met me yet. So before these girls are married to guys with lesser caliber, I planned to unearth them. I am writing this post to search for such a girl. I am conducting a Swayamvar to find my dream girl who can match me in intelligence, humor, and caliber.

I know, After reading my post you are already interested in me, but still you must know little more about me.

Name: Pappu Rangawat
Father's Name: No Need
Height: More than Abhishek Bachchan
Looks: Very white similar to wheat's flour, handsome like Tushar Kapoor and muscular.
Education: Highly Educated.

I want someone with good family background, cute as Karina Kapoor looked cute in chameli, sexy as Bipasa vasu, graduate from a national level institute, fair as cow's new born calf, and most importantly her father must be a millionaire.

Thank you very much for reading my profile. I hope to meet you at Swayamvar soon. Please do not forget to bring your father's income certificate.



  1. Has he received any response yet? I am sure, he will get his girl, sooooon...

    1. Pappu is not looking for any response. He is yet to commence the date of his Swamyamvar. He will wait for hundreds of bride to reach at the place.

      I heard he is arranging for cricket ground, so that maximum number of people can be accommodated. He wants to provide fair chance to each and every girl on earth. ;)