Thursday, October 18, 2012


Interpretation is always associated with mind set and mood at the given point of time. We interpret based on the facts available to us, and while judging the incident or statement our direction of judgment miss intricate details of the surrounding. X person state or act based on the people/problems/difficulties around, but person judging at other side does not even consider those small, but important matter. Such different interpretations create problems between families or couples or friends.

If people interpreting or judging can hold their thoughts from wondering for some time, and discuss the views with other person in person, it can surely help to erase some impulsive problems in relationship. Some times impulsive interpretations make life unlivable and miserable, but another thought and small discussions make the world wonderfully beautifully.

Let's wait and think, but believe me it helps our thinking, and demonstrate the respect and love for us in other person's mind.

Wish I could follow my own writings forever.

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