Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gujarat: Ahmedabad

I always wished to visit all Indian states. My intention to travel different states is to know culture, religion, people, standard of living, dressing, traditions, and other such important aspects of inhabitants living in the state. Most people will suggest me to find this information on internet, instead taking trouble in visiting. But I do not think that it is possible to visualize or understand the society without spending time with them.

I have heard a lot about Gujarat in past, but I never got a chance to visit the state. For me Gujarat is synonym to Mr Modi, communal violence, rich Gujju people, love city, garba, developments, state where BJP has anarchy, and Dhokla.

Now I have got a chance to stay in Ahmedabad and feel state's real nature, find state's characteristics, and know more about the state. This trip will surely change or strengthen my perceptions about the state.

In this trip I am going to see Navratra festival, and if I am lucky enough, then I will get a chance to participate in Garba (Gujarati Traditional dance). Apart from Garba, I am going to meet lot many Gujju people and will get to know their prospective. Next comes the snacks. We always get to eat Gujarati dishes in north Indian, or south Indian fashion. This time I am going to taste Gujarati dishes cooked in Gujarati style.

Hope I will enjoy the trip and learn a little about the state which is always in news for one reason or other.

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